2000 Dodge Cummins 24valve 5.9L starts fine and runs for few seconds then dies

Afterwards it cranks and cranks and takes forever to start up again. No codes and the engine light is not on. With an unsuccessful connection to a computer or D.D.R, diagnostic data reader because of a faulty plug on my Cummins that is located under the dash.
After a quick inspection of the air cleaner/filter I moved on to my fuel delivery, I checked the pressure behind injection pump. At the electronic lift pump by loosening the bolt behind the injection pump from the lift pump, to check the pressure of the fuel delivery when the key if turn to the on position. Or you can even bump the engine for a second to reactive the electric lift pump again since it only runs for a few seconds to pressurize to fuel at around 10 – 15 p.s.i. to the high pressure injection pump.
After replacing the lift pump that is located after the fuel filter and before the injection pump bolted to the side of the engine block. Note: it will take 5 p.s.i or less to ruin one of those expensive injection pumps. My problems were solved. Some of the symptoms were hard start after it would start up fine in the cold in the a.m. but after it started it would run fine in town during stop and go’s even on the highway at high speeds. Some other symptoms that occurred while using the defective lift pump was a dead pedal effect or zero throttle response at launch for the first 4-5 seconds. Then it would launch like if It had a 4000 rpm stall converter! But all the issues went away and I didnt need an expensive T.P.S., throttle position sensor.
So if your 2000 Dodge Cummins 24valve 5.9L 6-speed is having these type of problems I suggest you check and if need be replace your lift lump.

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