2003 Dodge Ram 4.7 L V8 turns over but won’t start.

The truck cranks over or turns over but wont start.

Troubleshooting Steps: First we hooked the DDR to check the engine codes, had one no major code, we reset the codes and continued. We checked the codes because sometimes a bad sensor will keep the vehicle from starting.

After we checked the fuses and relays, we checked the fire to the spark plugs, good. Checked the fuel pressure, fuel pressure was great was 65 psi.

The air cleaner and box was removed to reach the plugs but we were getting good air. So it was left to the compression test and sure enough the entire driver side was zero pressure. And the passenger side had great pressure, each combustion chamber had 120 psi. So after removing the valve cover on the driver side we saw the problem.

The timing chain tensioner bolt backed out and the chain got loose and it jumped time. This particular model has two timing chains. After a new timing kit this Dodge should run like new again.

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