2012 BCS Title: The way LSU played OSU, Stanford, or Oregon would have won

I didn’t even see the Title game, but we live in a world of stats and current news. I saw the picture of Alabama’s running back on the cover and it said 21 – 0.

My first reaction was to think there was three offensive TD’s and three PAT’s. But as I read the paper, It was riddled with a game of field goals and missed field goals and a blocked field goal and the LSU fans departing and a 4th down conversion and non-offensive TD.

The more the clock came closer to 0:00, the louder the “boo’s” came from the few LSU fans that remained. I also read somewhere that the TV ratings for the Title game were down. Nice, since I boycotted the BCS Title game.

How did I boycott the BCS madness? I simply voted with my remote. I was playing Modern Warfare 3, that afternoon. My KDR went up some so I was happy.

So yes my opinion is that OSU, Stanford, Oregon or even some other teams in the Top 25 in the BCS rankings for that matter. Could have won vs a team who came out flat, zero points such as LSU did.

So I’m just going to sit here and wait for the “BCS voters” to vote a good match-up for a title game for next year. And it had better not be another rematch.

If I could only prepare for a month or however long it is to rematch an opponent that bested me during the regular season. Only to play them and win, just like Bama did against LSU.

Maybe they should play again next week and see who the real champ is?

I’m bored, I just speak my mind, and I just wanted someone to read this, thank you.

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