2/12/2015 – 2/13/2015 my PlayStation 3 when playing Black Ops 2 I can’t connect to a game online

Host Connectivity Errors the issues are on PS3 playing Hardcore Domination on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with or without a team.

I have been playing online multiplayer for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on my PlayStation 3 and for some reason I can’t connect online to play a few hardcore domination 6 vs 6 game play on Black Ops 2. I have been getting Host Connection Errors so I am guessing the PSN servers are down or maintenance?

The question is if it was a scheduled maintenance or some other issues with my enternet connection or my enternet provider? But I hope the issue gets fixed soon, what happens is first of all the lobby takes forever to fill up and even at a max of 12 players or gamers the lobby will look like it will start and load fine but then it does a count to 9 or 10 and then it kicks everyone back to main menu to start over.

And I know it wasn’t just me having these problems because some of the random players online were with mic’s and i could hear them complaining as well. What is with all the errors on Playstation 3 playing Call of Duty Black ops 2? And are these issues on the new PlayStation 4 when playing the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?

Random Note: I have seen more hackers or cheaters on COD BO2 since the game has been out long enough where players change the game setting to their advantage. I even have videos saved in my video files on my channel in my on Black Ops 2 to prove it from when I played vs them.

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