Amazon Cloud Player on Original Roku Player

Amazon Cloud Player on Original Roku Player? Roku recently announced the availability of the Amazon Cloud Player as a Roku Channel. If you are like millions of other people who have been waiting on this channel for months, you rushed to your Roku channel store and tried to find it. For many of us, we couldn’t find the channel. The reason is because Roku decided to only add the channel to the Roku 2 Players, not the original lineup of players. Many Roku customers have been left out in the cold because of this decision, and Roku may be biting the hand that feeds them.

I purchased a Roku years ago when the player first hit the market, before most people had ever heard of the company. At the time, Netflix was one of the few channels available, but it was so awesome that I told hundreds of people about it, as did many others, and Roku took off like a rocket. Now it seems they are leaving many original customers behind. Yes, we could upgrade to a newer Roku, but with the price of Blu-ray players coming down to about the same price offering the same features, it may not be long before Roku has reached a tipping point where people stop buying them.

A few months ago I was trying to add VuDu to my Roku, but of course it was not supported on my Roku either, only the newer Roku 2 models. So, I went shopping for a new Roku. However while looking at Roku 2, I noticed that I could get a blu-ray player with Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, and other applications for only $20 more. The decision was an easy one to make, so I passed on a Roku 2. With the recent release of Amazon Cloud Player only for newer Roku models, I think I made the right decision. Roku has to realize they are going to lose customers, but maybe they don’t have a choice due to a technical issue…although it’s hard to imagine some of these applications working on my phone and not my Roku. What’s your opinion of Roku these days?

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