An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8071053D)

My ps3 has been giving me errors and problems for the past few days. I have a wired connection and my internet is working fine.

Then out of nowhere my PlayStation 3 came back to life and I was signed in to PSN. But 1 minute later I was signed out automatically and back to the same error 8071053D.

All I did to fix the problem, since it started working fine yesterday was sit and wait. I actually reset my ps3 first, I powered it off and turned it back on.

Then I checked for updates via internet, it loaded for a few seconds then the same error came up with a different description. The connection to the server has timed out.

Then I did an internet test via the network setting only to get a good IP address and a failed PSN connection. I then assumed that my Ethernet cable must have fried or gone bad, so I went with my wireless connection, still same error.

Finally after that I couldn’t fix the problem I gave up, so a few days later it must have fixed itself? Because now it’s working.

The funny part was that when I checked the errors code list on some website it said to call your internet provider. What are they going to do about my ps3 not working? They might say go buy the new Xbox One or the new PS4!

If someone knows why these errors come up please let us know why, that way we can fix the connection errors and get back to playing games.

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