“ANTISLAVERY The Crusade for Freedom in America” Book Review

AntiSlavery The Crusade for Freedom in America by Dwight Lowell Dumond. This is a great book if you are doing some research on slavery in America.

Some material is as follows, ILLUSTRATIONS: Hunting slaves with dogs and guns (Anti-Slavery Almanac, 1840)page 15, Branding slaves (Anti-Slavery Almanac, 1840) page 14, Sales by auction of men, women and children (From Arminstead, Five Hundred Thousand Strokes for Freedom).

Another exmple, Chapter 20 The American Anti-Slavery Society.

So yes I highly recommend this book for research and history, this book has powerful illustrations and it’s over 400 of pages. This book covers plenty of before, during and after slavery in America.

Information from the book DUMOND ANTISLAVERY was used for this article:
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