Are Your Trailer Lights Not Working? Find Your Problem And Fix It.

Are Your Trailer Lights Not Working? Find Your Problem And Fix It.

These days even if one of your trailer lights is out, you will get pulled over by a police officer and get fined. Because they will tell you that it is hazardous to you and everyone driving behind you.

If your trailer lights are not working the vehicles behind you may not be able to see your vehicles brake lights or signal lights come when your trailer lights are out. Especially during the day but even at night it could be dangerous for everybody. You could easily cause a wreck and cause bodily injury to people even yourself.

Most common reason for not being able to see the vehicles lights will be because of the load on the trailer blocking the view. It will be hard to see from a long way out at night compared to, as when you can see the trailer lights lit up from a distance.

So find your problem and fix it. Start at the actual connectors and trailer light plug. Even the end at your vehicle if one of these two is damaged remove and replace. You can purchase all size trailer connectors or plugs at your local automotive parts store. You can also buy an entire wiring kit and you can replace old, cut, damaged and corroded wiring like on boat and jet ski trailers.

If only one side or if one light is out on your trailer, check the initial light bulb, if it is burned out or damaged replace with a new bulb. The main reason a bulb goes out besides backing your trailer into a tree or fence, is water. Make sure your light bulb is covered with a good lens. You can purchase new automotive bulbs, trailer lights, trailer wiring and lenses at your local parts store.

Note: If the bulb is good and only that side is out check ‘inside’ where the bulb slides in place, it make be rusted or corroded causing a bad connection.

If you have looked and didn’t find any damage to your trailer wiring and your connectors are good, check your vehicles fuse box. Look on the fuse legend and find and check all the related fuses such as trailer light fuse and trailer brakes fuse especially if all of the trailer lights are out at the same time. If the fuse is damaged or bad, remove and replace, you can buy automotive fuses at most retailers and parts stores.

But if your fuses check out and the wiring is up to par, check your ground. It will be the white wire, make sure that it is secured on tight on your trailers frame. Most of the time it will be a bolt or nut holding the trailer lights white colored ground wire in place on the trailer.

Check to make sure it isn’t rusted causing a bad ground hence a bad connection. Also check to make sure it is tighten down, a loose ground will cause a bad connection. A bad connection means no power to your light bulbs.

Well the next time your trailer lights are out and giving your trouble be sure to not let it stress you out. Look at your situation and figured it out, it may be something as simple as tightening up a loose nut, fixing a shortage in the trailer wiring or replacing a blown or damaged light bulb. It is always smart to buy and have a few extra trailer light bulbs available for the future. It is also best to check your trailer lights every time you hook your trailer on.

Note: If it is just you checking your trailer lights and no one is behind the trailer checking for your stop, left and right signal light. Put your vehicles ’hazardous lights’ on, and when you walk back there you should see your trailer lights flashing the same as your vehicle.

Special Note: If your vehicles signal light clicker is flashing faster to one way left or right. And flashes on your dash and clicks normally to the opposite side. One or more of your vehicles light bulbs may be out. Check your vehicles bulbs and remove and replace the damaged bulb(s).

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