BCS: Talks about a plus one (4-team) playoff, how about 10 – 12 teams?

College football is my favorite sport to watch, but I didn’t watch the 2011 played in 2012 BCS National Championship game. Because there was no playoff.

Ok, finally some chatter about a playoff system. Finally but wait, there are 120 teams that will fight for the top 4 spots in the BCS rankings (Assuming we had a plus one model). In the NFL there are only 32 teams that will fight for 12 spots in the playoff.

And we only want 4 teams out of 120? Really? It sounds better if we had 10 or 12 teams play for a National Championship. Seems to me that people will tune in from the start to the end of the year and see if their team would make the top 10 or 12 in the BCS rankings.

People shouldn’t freak out and cry about the student athlete (football player) maybe playing an extra game or two a year on a way to a National Championship game.

I would simply ask you, how many games does a basketball college athlete play in a year? How many games does a baseball college athlete play? I bet more games than a football player.

Some would say that the extra time away, playing those playoff games would hurt the student athlete in class and study. The baseball and basketball players do ok. Besides everything changes in time, and it seems the BCS era may see change.

There are 4 big bowl games right now, that covers 8 teams. And other bowls such as the Cotton Bowl in Texas could easily be a marquee bowl. That’s another 2 teams covered. So 10 teams would be ready to go in a playoff system.

If we want 12 teams in a playoff just make another marquee bowl in Florida or some other state, pick one we have 50 of them.

Bloggers and sports writers would only have positive things to write about. Until of course you here about those allegations. And before you now it, less people would complain about all the negative stuff the non-playoff BCS reminds them of each and every year.

And this year the BCS reminded me that change is inevitable.

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