Be A Better Texas Hold’em Poker Player

Be A Better Texas Hold’em Poker Player.

Texas Hold’em is a great game to play, with family or friends. You can play ”freerolls” and even play with your children and adults alike. But if you are a more serious poker player like playing for high stakes or in tournaments. You will play with more caution because you are playing with real money instead of funny money, like when you play freerolls with the family. With any game, the longer you play the more you will understand between a bad fold and a good fold. Regardless if you play for fun or for money and fame, you should still be having fun. If you heart rate doesn’t ski rocket when you turn over pocket Q’s, or Cowboys(pocket K’s), or even pocket A’s you might want to try the game of memory(another game for ”kids” played with a 52 card deck).

I will start off by saying, there is luck needed for this game, people will scream no, it’s a game of percentage’s, blah, blah, blah. Well the way i see it is someone is going to luck out on every hand. Any two cards can beat any two cards, lots of times especially on low value sit and go’s or during freerolls, you will see bad hands beating out other bad hands. If you watch the WSOP (world series of poker) you will see good hands lose to great hands, because no one wants to lose out on a tournament ”chasing” a hand. So try to avaid chasing hands especially when you dont have anything, not even top pair. A good chase would be an open end straight and flush draw, a bad chase would be a gut shot chase(missing an inside number for a straight)

Play premiere hands like pocket 10’s or higher, yes pocket 9’s and 8’s look pretty, but this is a bad hand to have when you’re going up against say K10, QJ, J10, AK etc. But if everyone checked to you and you are sitting on pocket 9’s or 8’s on the big blind then check and don’t raise and hope that you luck out and catch a trip(3 of a kind). If you didn’t catch your trip’s, don’t chase low trip’s you might pay twice to try and catch trip’s and end up with a low pair after the river. Whatever you do don’t cry if you see a hand that you folded could have won. Say that you were dealt rags(two low cards not suited or in sequence for a straight, like 2spade 7heart) and you saw that after the river you could have won with a straight with your 2spade. This is not considered a bad fold, this would be a good fold, everone who has ever played Texas Hold’em will tell you they have folded winning hands pre flop. That’s why the statement in Hold’em that says. “you got to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em” is so true. I see bad beats all the time, a bad beat is when someone who played rags off suit, wins against say pocket A’s. Yes you may have won that hand but with a bad hand, so that’s why it’s called a bad beat.

After you play good hands and your hands start landing, do not be affraid to bet. Do not over bet, use the pot for a betting refrence. If you have a great hand after the flop bet double the pot everytime it’s your time to bet. When you have the nuts(best hand for that particular flop, turn and river) make sure that at the river, not on the flop or after the turn that you go all in. That way if someone calls with say the second best hand, you will get paid and you will be on your way to stacking lots of chips(money). If you do not have the nuts, do not risk an all in, ever. That way you will live to fight another day.

Do not bluff(lie), it is not worth it, bluffing is a bad habit, I will repeat that, bluffing is a bad habit. I can hardly win when I have a decent hand much less when I’m lying. If you didn’t get help from the flop or the turn, don’t expect the river to help. If you win buy getting runner runner, you my friend just won with a bad beat with a bad chase. So if you didn’t hit early it might be wise to check/fold, if someone bets even the minimun, fold. Or if you did hit, raise enough to make the chasers fold, the last thing you want, is to lose to is runner runner.

Always give your opponent the benefit of the dought. They just might have a higher pair than you so check at the end of the river rather than to try to scare them off. Your opponet might call with his weak hand and beat your weaker hand, it would be best to check, flip the cards an move on to the next hand. Remember it is important that you bet only when you have something and not when your chasing. And before you know it the table will give you some respect, because they will find out that you only play premiere hands and you don’t lie(bluff). And the next time that you bet, your opponent might even fold the winning hand. Because he/she will pysch himself or herself out, and give you too much credit(asume that you have a better hand that you actually do) and they will fold because you are a good poker player.

If people start thinking that you are a better player, then you will win more money/chips. So yes it does matter what two cards your opponent has, but it matters more what two cards that you have. Be a better poker player, control your nerve’s, bet only when you have something, never bluff, go all in when you have the nuts, don’t cry or think too much about winning hands that you folded pre flop and always try to forget about those bad beats. You will have to be mentally tough, because some Texas Hold’em tournaments and games can last for hours or even days.

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