Beast MW3 Montage Video Clips

If you are searching or surfing the web and you want to see some awesome kills on the Modern Warfare 3 online gameplay, you should stop by

It has tons and tons of video clips where I found some beast MW3 kills with the sniper rifle.

No-Scope, Quick-Scope, Auto-Assist, there are many names that this type of sniping is called.

If you are familiar with one of these names then you surely are a Modern Warfare gamer.

To find the video when you’re on the youtube website just type the following in the search box(Here are 3 highly viewed videos):

1.) MW3 Quick Scope

2.) FAZE Spratt: First MW3 Montage

3.) HD – Mw3 Sniper Montage 1

These had a nice highlight on each video and had nice music in the background. It might just be my opinion but I thought those videos were beast.

What did you think? Do you think you have a better montage? Show us, or tell us your gamer tag so we can add you to the friends list and play a few games.

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