BF4 online video gameplay on the PlayStation4 without commentary

How do I play BF4 on PS4? It’s an easy and fun game to play just go to and type Joserodz90 in the search box and you can find 2 seasons of video content of Battlefield 4 online gameplay.
It is a highlight reel or montage of various kills with the sniper rifle SSR-61 and Stingers anti air kills. Anti tank kills with c4 and many more multi kills. The PlayStation 4 has way better graphics that the PS3.
One of the main differences between bf4 on PS3 vs bf4 on ps4. Is that PlayStation 3 is 12 vs 12 and on PlayStation 4 it’s 32 vs 32, wow!
If you are tired of boring commentary on the battlefield 4 online gameplay just search joserodz90 on YouTube and watch the 44 videos. More videos will be posted up soon.

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  1. (Season 1) BF4 online gameplay on PS4 33 videos

    (Season 2) BF4 online gameplay on PS4 11 videos

    FAQ, what did you use to record the videos? I used the Share Factory App on my PS4 where you can edit video gameplay for free, then I uploaded it straight to from the PS4. It’s real easy to use.

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