Billy Bob’s Texas – The World’s Largest Honkytonk in Fort Worth, Texas

The largest honky-tonk in the world is in Ft. Worth, Texas. Billy Bob’s Texas is a massive 127,000 square feet, that’s almost 3 acres inside one building!! Originally built in 1910 as a barn to keep prize cattle for the livestock show, it was enclosed in 1936 as part of a Texas Centennial project, and the livestock show was moved indoors. The auction ring is still there today, as an indoor bull riding arena.

Many well-known musicians have performed and recorded live albums at Billy Bob’s Texas. Artists like Jason Boland, Garth Brooks, Merle Haggard, Randy Travis, and the youngest artist to perform here was Leann Rimes.

Complete with a cafe, gift shop, two concert stages, and six, yes, SIX bars, this legendary dance hall is a ‘must have / must do’ on any true fan’s bucket list.

Check out the Billy Bob’s Texas web site for more details.

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