Bird Watching In South Texas

Bird Watching In South Texas.

Many people are starting to pull out their camera’s to start taking picture’s of nature, animals and birds. There are so many variety and sizes of birds in the world. You can start by looking outside of your window, in your back yard and see birds. Lots of them will sing and chirp in the mornings, but if you want to see a flawk of them(hundrends even thousands) in action, go to south Texas. There you will see a wide variety of birds, and you can go sight seeing for other animals like aligators and small game. But the birds will be in the air and in the fields searching for food to eat, like small fish such as minnows and baby perch. The birds will also thrive on the bugs available to them, like the famous mosquito, bettles, crickets, grasshoppers, june bugs, and other insects and flys.

Bird watching is a nice hobby for the family and can be fun with great memorys and great picture’s. You will just need some camera’s and binoculars for you and/or the family. It is an affordable hobby, because you can go bird watching when you go fishing, or when you are on vacation near the southern coast of Texas. You can go and visit the local bars and restaraunt’s while you are in south Texas, there you can have great seafood and have a chance to ask the locals where the good spots for bird migration and bird sight seeing are. If you do some hard searching, you can find bird watching guide service’s down in south Texas for his/her expert knowledge of the surrounding area and lakes.

But if you want to find out about birds in particular there are books that you can buy on-line via the web or at your local book store/local retailer, they will have picture’s and a short story of the bird. These kinds of books are great to have when you are bird watching, taking a walk or at the park, fishing, boating(on lakes and rivers) and/or when you are visiting or traveling to see a family or friend. Stop and watch mother nature, birds, animals, the sun set, or the sun rise, just go out and breathe the fresh air while the birds sing to you. And while you’re out take some pictures and be ready to tell people about your experience with nature and the beautiful birds of this world.

You can make an awesome calender with your bird picture’s or mother nature picture’s, all you will need is at least 12 picture’s one for each month. Pick the best picture for your birthday month, I would. This could be one of many things that you can do with the picture’s that you start to snap. Soon you will be on your way to making gifts, posting nice surreal picture’s on the fridge, making family post cards, etc. Bird watching can also be terrific for the children, keep them off the streets and in the lawn taking picture’s of birds and animals alike.

Add bird watching to your next trip, and you may just take some of those National Geographic or Animal Planet style photo’s of a wonderful incounter with bird’s from the southern parts of Texas. So have fun, through a picnic or family outing and take some great memory’s/picture’s back home with you, while everyone is having fun and smiling.

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