Black Ops 2 release date, leaked info and video gameplay.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 release date for the US is 11/13/12 and you can see the new COD Black Ops 2 trailer at

You can visit the official website for more info at or just go to youtube and you can search the BO2 official trailer, leaked info and video gameplay.

The first thing that you notice is that it is set in the future around 2025 and it had lots of action with helicopters and harrier jets and other futuristic aircraft. It had some futuristic tanks and different weapons.

I am not sure how the zombies are going to work or even if there are going to be any zombies at all? I’m sure people are going to preorder this game like crazy.

Let’s just say the BO2 official came out 4 days ago on youtube and it already had over 10 million hits and counting. But I would like to know what weapons, perks and killstreaks this game will have.

Do you like sniper games? You should also check out Medal of Honor Warfighter it is the new game coming out this year. Just search MOH Warfighter at youtube for more info.

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