Boring BCS Bowl Games (2011 NCAA). You will be able to find me on MW3 or BF3 during the bowl season.

Boring BCS Bowl Games (2011 NCAA). You will be able to find me on MW3 or BF3 during the bowl season.

Yawn, what a way to disconnect from the fan base. Just schedule some boring bowl games like you (BCS) did last year or even worse this year. Keep it up BCS, i’ll be on MW3 or BF3 when the bowl games come on. The BCS will tell you every game matters. Yeah right, Alabama lost to LSU and they are going to re-play them to re-lose?

I can just hear it already, LSU stomping Bama (6 – 0 final score), and the winner of the OSU and Stanford game feeling left out or rather voted out. Voted out as in you are not popular enough. If this were not true (popularity), then why would they have BCS at-large bids? Hum?

And if Bama wins, I will probably never hear the end of it pro-SEC fans will be boasting their 6th National Title in a row, and no so much who won it. The BCS is only for a match up of number 1 vs number 2. You hear that OSU and Stanford or anybody in the top 25 for that matter. You played for nothing, you came up 3rd best or worst in the BCS rankings. You thought every game mattered.

Boring, why is there no playoff system? A plus-one model, something, anything. I would rather worry about my K.D.R on Modern Warfare 3 and on Battlefield 3. Than to try and figure out why the big bowl games are the most waste of time in college football.

The Fiesta Bowl was stealing money just last year, about to get shut down then college football started and they probably have the most interesting match up of all the bowl games, #3Oklahoma State vs #4Stanford. The only reason this game seems to “matter” at least to me, is because this is the type of game that would be played on a way to a championship if there was a playoff system.

I hope the t.v. ratings sky rocket down all the way to the bottom in 2011. That way they can make some changes to this pro-BCS propaganda. Just like last year when TCU went undefeated and only got the Rose bowl and not the national championship, just because they were from a little brother conference. Not anymore TCU just un-packed and stayed at home, just moved in to the BIG 12 conference.

Lets see if the BCS votes TCU out if they go undefeated in the BIG 12, you will no longer be able to say, they were in a soft conference. The BIG 12 is the new strongest conference. Don’t believe me? Wait until next year when the pre season rankings come out. Also include newcomers TCU and West Virginia.

How about that bowl game Kansas State? What about you Boise State a 1-loss team vs a 6 -loss team? Don’t you wish you were more popular? What about you Baylor, the best 3 -loss team vs who again?

So I am here to boycott the BCS bowl games. Who else is with me? – By a confused college football fan.

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