Call of Duty Black Ops: Black Ops Needs To Add Hardcore War From Call of Duty World at War

Call of Duty Black Ops: Black Ops Needs To Add Hardcore War From Call of Duty World at War.

The Call of Duty franchise got me hooked with Call of Duty World at War, Hardcore War. I remember at first seeing my friends call those Artillery Strikes then those Attack Dogs and getting those 100 plus kill games. COD WaW also had Core War but my favorite was War on Hardcore mode.

Do not mistake Hardcore War with Groundwar, War was and still is better. I was actually upset when Modern Warfare 2 came out and they didn’t bring War back. MW2 came out after World at War and it is part of the COD franchise. Modern Warfare 3 (scheduled to come out November 8, 2011 in the US) better have 9 vs 9 Hardcore War!

Unlike these Hardcore games on Black Ops where there is only a maximum of 12 players (6 vs 6) in any one Hardcore game match. COD WaW had it programmed to a maximum of 18 players (9 vs 9) per game. Imagine that on Black Ops Hardcore mode, 9 enemy players respawning into a Chopper Gunner or Gunship! Multi-kills, it would be epic, still to this day I can remember those beast games running around with my mp40 suppressed spawn killing on WaW, getting those 100 plus kill games.

War on HC or Core from WaW was awesome because you would have, in a since an A, B and C cap area to cap and protect. But you and your team would only protect one cap area at a time. Almost like Domination, but instead of three cap areas A, B and C to protect and cap at all times. You and your team would fight for one cap area at a time. If your team or enemy team didn’t cap all of the cap areas by the time limit an extra round or OT round would then decide the winner.

WaW HC War would start in the middle of the map with the A area to cap and protect, so your team could either clash with the enemy heads on. Or you and or your teammates could work your way around the cap area (A, B or C) and spawn kill the enemy before they could even get a chance to jump on and or try to cap an objective/cap area.

War may almost sound like Headquarters, but nope. On War you and your teammates would only respawn on one side of the objective, always. That’s right, the spawns were similar to the spawns on Hardcore Capture The Flag on Call of Duty Black Ops. So even if everyone of your teammates made it to the opposite side of the cap area, the enemy would still respawn on that side. In other words you could never overrun the enemy spawn, like on COD Black Ops CTF.

Also on Headquarters the spawn is erratic and you can possibly respawn on either side of the objective, War would have each team spawn on opposite sides of a cap area so you would always have a spawn side. If you managed to cap the first area such as A, you would know exactly where the next cap area (B) would be, unlike Headquarters. Then if you capped the second area B, you would then push forward to the known cap area of C.

If your team then capped the last area C before OT your team would win, there also was a time limit like on most of these COD games. If the time limit was reached and neither team capped all three areas (A, B, and C), both teams would be sent into overtime. In overtime you would then only have 1 cap area to fight for the win or victory. The cap area would always be in the middle and it would always be the A area.

But, if it isn’t overtime yet, and you were on the losing side of the momentum you could cap your teams C area, then the cap area would move back to the B area. So if your team continued to move forward you could push the cap area back to the middle at A.

The game could end with the overall time limit in overtime. If you were playing in OT and neither team could cap the 1 cap area in the middle of the map, by the OT time limit, both teams would then be awarded a draw. Note: The more people on the flag the the faster you would cap the objective. If an enemy and friendly are on the cap area the “cap bar” would not move until either one of the team is killed or away from the cap area.

But if there is still plenty of time you could keep pushing and work as a team to cap their (the enemy’s) B area and C area. That’s right, you could keep capping lots of areas back and forth until the time limit ran out or until a team would cap the 3 cap areas A, B and C. Note: War does not actually have an A, B and C it was more like a cap area, but it is easier to visualize how War is played assuming you could see an A, B or C in your mind or on the map.

So if your team was down, sitting on your teams last cap area C you would then need to cap 5 cap areas to win! That’s a lot of possible points, because you would need to cap C, B, A then their B and finally their C area. It was important to cap as many cap areas as you could, because it would matter if and when you went into OT. The more flags that you capped the more of a respawn penalty delay the enemy would be given. You and your team could all get 15 second respawn delays if you were down 3 cap areas, which would make it hard to win in OT.

If your team had the momentum (most areas capped) your team would be awarded with less of a respawn penalty around 2 or 3 seconds, to make it easier for your team to win. But just because the enemy team has the longest respawn penalty delay it wouldn’t guarantee a victory.

There were times where teams would cap all the cap areas fast and the game could possibly end in 2 – 3 minutes. But most of the time you would play against teams that would contest the cap area, and a battle would unfold. War also had a respawn delay, up to 15 seconds like on TDM or CTF even before OT. On average you would have about a 4 second respawn penalty, enough time where you could change your class or weapon before you would respawn.

Even back on Call of Duty World at War you could get kicked from a Hardcore game match after 3 team kills (friendly fire). But, unlike on Black Ops where Air Strikes such as Napalm, Rolling Thunder (Artillery Strikes were used on WaW), Claymores (Bouncy Bettys were used on WaW), and air support like the Helicopter will get you kicked. On COD WaW HC War those type of friendly kills would not count for your 1 of a maximum of 3 where you would then be instantly kicked.

So imagine that type of possible long game without being easily kicked on a HC War game or match. Just like HC CTF on Black Ops used to be before the new update (long 10 minute rounds, fun and full of action). War doesn’t have a point limit like Domination (200 point limit) or Headquarters (250 point limit) and you know exactly where the next cap area is going to be unlike Headquarters (erratic cap areas and erratic respawn points).

Especially if you like to snipe, Hardcore War was perfect because the enemy would never respawn behind you. You could sit back and snipe all game long with out being shot in the back like on TDM. When you kill an enemy on War the enemy will respawn way back on the other side of the objective.

My killstreaks would absolutely be 7, 9 & 11 for HC War. Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship. I would change it up every now and then to 6, 8 & 9 or 8, 9 & 11. Sentry Gun, Blackbird (SR71) and Chopper Gunner. Or Blackbird (SR71), Chopper Gunner and Attack Dogs. If I was playing on Core War, I would probably be using 5, 8 & 9 or 8, 9 & 11. Napalm Strike, Rolling Thunder and Chopper Gunner. Or Rolling Thunder, Chopper Gunner and Attack Dogs.

The next time there is an update on Call of Duty Black Ops, I will be praying that the programmers of COD add Hardcore War. And to make it its own available section with out it being thrown into a moshpit. Is that too much to ask for?

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