Call Of Duty Black Ops: DOA (Dead Ops Arcade) Zombie Hints And Tips

Call Of Duty Black Ops: DOA (Dead Ops Arcade) Zombie Hints And Tips.

If you want to make it to a high round on zombie’s dead ops arcade for xbox360 or playstation3 (ps3). Just follow these few hints and tips, and you may just move up in the leaderboards. My highest round survived is round 34 with 3 people, and round 33 was the dog round, and there were dogs for the entire round. I had over 1 million points so I picked up 5 extra life’s on the way. I think if we would have made it to round 40 we could have faced the silverback. Even if you beat the silverback, you can choose to continue the zombie game until you or your team runs out of lives. If you go on you will continue to fight zombies and dogs until the game is over.

The average round that I notice online via the lobby leaderboards is usually around 15 rounds. The highest that I have ever seen on DOA was 58 rounds, wow. Usually by round 15 you will run into the room of fate, and you will be awarded furious feet(fast feet), friendship(chicken), the ”gun of rambo”(death machine) or the fortune jewel(big red ruby). With your ka-boom’s(nuke’s), speed bursts and with one of these gifts from the room of fate is what you can use to help you go into the high rounds(25plus).

Every 200,000 points you will be awarded an extra life, so try not to go down early not even once. That way you can try and get up to a times nine(9x) points multiplier, so that the zombies and gold that you pick up will be multiplied by 9. If you are lucky you will have free life’s dropped randomly like the rest of the power ups and random weapons. You can hold up to 9 lives max at any one time per game, example, if you are sitting on 9 lives and you pick up a free life or earn 200,000 points you will not go to 10 lives. Note: You can only have a max of 9live’s, 9 ka-boom’s(nuke’s) and 9 speed burts per person during any single match/game.

Make sure that you save your nuke’s and speed burst for the later rounds(20plus). If you are going to use a speed burst, make sure that you have the zombies coming after you in a single file line. That way you can kill as many zombies as you can per speed burst. Do not waste a speed burst to speed to the next round after a round. instead save them for the harder and later rounds, the same goes for the nuke’s.

If you got the fast feet in the room of fate, use 3 speed burst every round, since you will be awarded 3 per round, they will not roll over. If you got the gun of rambo, do not pick up any more random weapons dropped as power ups. Allow one of the other temmate’s to pick it up instead, since you will have that big gun for the remainder of the game. If you have the chicken(friendship), tell your teammate’s to let you have the rest of the chicken power ups, you can have uo to 5 chickens! And if you got the jewel gift, your power ups will later 3x longer, like the tanks and helicopters. So it is strategicly worth it to let the teammate with the jewel perk get the sentry guns(turrets), chopper’s and tank’s.

The cool part is that if you run out of life’s you will start to use your other teammate’s life’s. If you start to share life’s you will see three things awarded or traded for one of your life’s. You will either get 3 nuke’s or 3 speed burst, it’s random. On some later rounds it would be best to use one of your nuke’s to help a teammate rather than for him/her to go down in the middle of the round and take one of your life’s.

Special Note: Do not leave the armory and bonus rooms early! Pick up all of the weapon’s, equipment and points before you leave. This is important so that you can survive into the high rounds(30plus), by getting more life’s every 200,000 points. If you are in a armory room(room filled with weapons and equipment) and you are full of equipment, let the other teammate’s have it instead. P.S. Make sure that you use all of your equipment before you go down and the game ends.

Be sure to save your equipment(ka-boom’s/nuke’s) and after the room of fate use this game play team strategy that you read above. You just might beat your last highest round survived and set a new high round!

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