Call Of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Capture The Flag (Hints And Tips)

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Capture The Flag (Hints And Tips)

Hardcore Capture The Flag: First and foremost Hardcore game play is all about getting the most kills and points without being kicked . Most “noobs” or rookies will try and cap all three or the last flag and end the game fast, not cool. Especially when a teammate calls a Helicopter or Dogs, at least wait until your teammate is done using his or her killstreak. On COD Black Ops you can get kicked from the game lobby as soon as you kill 3 teammates through out any single game. Your teammate kills (friendly fire) will also carry over into the other rounds of the same game if there is an extra round(s) like on HC CTF.

Ways that you can kill your teammates vary from Napalm Strikes/Rolling Thunders to bullets from your primary or secondary weapon, even your equipment such are your frag grenade, semtix grenade, claymores, tomahawk, etc. Even if your teammate is in Last Stand Pro and you throw a smoke grenade to give him “cover“ so you or a teammate can revive him, the smoke grenade will explode and you will be given a team kill and it will be one of your maximum of three. This can also happen with your stun and concussion grenades when playing on HC (Hardcore). So never throw your equipment at or near a teammate while he or she is in Last Stand.

If you or your team cap 3 flags in a round, you and your team will win that round. You do not have to cap 3 flags to win the round, you can win by one flag. It is a best out of three rounds, for the overall victory. So the maximum amount of time you could play in one HC CTF match is up to 30 minutes. Since each round lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. If you are up at least one flag (team point scored) you will win that particular round. So if the opponents (enemy) can’t even make it to your base or spawn point and touch your flag. It would only be logical to continue to play to the end of the round (entire 10 minutes) and keep getting kills and points to rank up or prestige faster. When possible try and make it go into OT (overtime). If your team won the first round and it wasn’t a draw, and they are up a point or two (flags capped) let them win that round so you can play a little longer. The best way to do it would be to draw out every round even the OT round so that you can play the maximum allowed time of 30 minutes.

Sometimes it is funny you will see someone (myself included) run an grab the last flag or possible 3rd flag that would end the round or match. And hold it and try and make the game last longer so that the entire team can rack up some points and unlock achievements and maximize kills per game. I have had games on Hardcore Capture The Flag on Playstaion 3 and Xbox 360 of over 100 kills in one game. My recent 100 plus kill games were 106 kills and 8 deaths on Jungle playing HC CTF, was using Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship. And 107 kills and 19 deaths on Summit playing HC CTF, was using Attack Helicopter, Blackbird (SR71), and Attack Dogs. Both of those 100 plus kill games were on Playstation 3, on Xbox 360 my younger brother was playing HC CTF on WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and he was using UAV, Blackbird, and Attack Dogs and had 124 kills and 24 deaths, he was tired of getting kicked.

There are countless of times that on both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 where I was kicked using the Helicopters in the 80 and 90 kills while there was still a full round to play in over time or in overtime. I would be holding the trigger down on my Chopper Gunner or Gunship and get a friendly fire on a teammate who is the enemy spawn trying to get kills or the flag I’m guessing. So it is important to be smart when playing Hardcore Capture The Flag on Black Ops regardless if you are playing on a PS3 or Xbox 360. If you hear or see that there is a friendly Chopper Gunner or Gunship stay out or away from the enemy spawn point or base. That way you don’t get killed and end your possible killstreak also most importantly so that you don’t give your teammate a teammate kill of their 1 of 3 before they get kicked.

I like to maximize my kills and minimize my deaths so I make sure that before I try and run off and get in position or hold a lane down. I usually run after the person who got me (payback) since all of the COD Black Ops maps are small. I will usually find my payback at the spot I was killed or near it. Since Hardcore is not Core where you get to see a replay and actually see how you were killed. On Hardcore mode it is a little harder to tell where you were killed from, but you will get to see the angle or direction that the bullets came from. So you have about a 1 -2 sec “kill cam” and be able to see where you were killed from and you will be able to know by who. On Hardcore if you look on the bottom left side of your T.V. screen you will see a list or scroll that will scroll from the bottom up. There is where you check what killed you, whether it was a primary, secondary, equipment or air support and the name of the enemy who killed you. So if you keep getting sniped when you are trying to look down a lane or path and you get sniped again, guess what you and or your teammates have not got to the sniper, something is telling me that he is still there. Go around or put some air support over the top of him/her. My favorite Perks to use are Ghost Pro, Steady Aim Pro/Slide of Hand Pro and Hacker Pro/Marathon Pro for all of my Hardcore games.

I like the Commando, Galil and M16 suppressed. The Famas works nice with a red dot but it will get a lot of “hit markers” in long range with a suppresser, the AK74u will also get a lot of hit markers on long range especially suppressed. A Heli Down class is important, use Strela’s (Stingers) with Ghost Pro and Slide of hand Pro. It takes two stingers per helicopter regardless if it is an Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner or Gunship.

To sum it up use killstreaks that are not going to get you kicked, minimize team kills, minimize giving your teammate a team kill and make the games last so use your microphone and tell your teammates the game plan. Be the “Field General” soon you and your teammates will be ranking up faster, finishing contracts and unlocking achievements.

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