Call Of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Demolition Hints and Tips

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Demolition Hints and Tips.

If you want to maximize your kills and minimize your deaths on HC Demo use low killstreaks. You should also be careful because you will be playing on HC mode and after three friendly kills you will get kicked or booted from the game match (unless you are the host). If you want to find and vote to play HC Demo you have to go under Hardcore then “Bombs”. HC Bombs is a moshpit of HC Search & Destroy, HC Sabotage and HC Demolition.

The killsteaks that I prefer to use are still 7, 9 & 11 and at times 7, 8, & 9 or even 7, 8 & 11. Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship. And at times Attack Helicopter, SR71(Blackbird) and Chopper Gunner. Or even Attack Helicopter, SR71(Blackbird and Attack Dogs.

The reason that I like to use the 3 Helicopters is because HC Demo has “insta-spawns” and you will not have a delayed respawn penalty like on HC CTF. On HC CTF you will sometimes have to wait up to 15 seconds before you respawn. And on games like HC Demo and HC Dom you will respawn right after you were killed, instantly.

Regardless if you were killed by a Chopper Gunner, Attack Dog, Gunship, Equipment, Primary weapon, Secondary weapon, etc. You and the enemy will respawn instantly, so there is potential for some solid kills when using the Helicopters and Choppers.

So when you are in the Chopper view or Gunship view you will see all of the red squares/enemy players respawn in piles, and at times it seems as if you were playing against 9 players or more instead of only 6. HC Demo is 6 vs 6, all HC games are 12 maximum players unlike the HC mode on Call of Duty World at War that was 18 maximum players of 9 vs 9.

But there are games that seem that even getting 7 kills with out dying for an Attack Helicopter is near impossible. Either because you are playing against a good team with mic’s or because your team well…sucks. Sometimes it is both.

But none the less, it is better sometimes to use low killstreaks that will help your team rather than to try and use high killstreaks that could get you the most kills from either team win or lose. I will use low killstreaks such as 3, 4 & 6 and at times 4, 5 & 6 or even 3, 7 & 8. UAV, Care Package/Counter-UAV and Sentry Gun. And at times Care Package/Sam Turret, Napalm Strike and Sentry Gun. Or even UAV, Attack Helicopter, and SR71(Blackbird).

If you use Napalm Strike, Motor Team, Rolling Thunder, Chopper Gunner and the Gunship, be sure to be careful. Because you have a better chance of being kicked that way. Unless you were playing Core mode then it would not matter, since friendly fire is off on Core.

HC Demo is about destroying two different bomb sites or defending those two bomb sites. Depending on what you side you start on. Regardless of what side you start on, after the round win or lose you will start on the opposite side after the round.

If your team doesn’t get a chance to plant and destroy at least one of those bomb sites (A or B) you will not be awarded extra time to continue that round. Same goes if you are defending, if you didn’t let the enemy team plant and destroy at least one bomb site. You will not be awarded extra time to continue to play.

So what I like to do is at least plant one bomb if our team has to plant and destroy a bomb site, so we can have extra time to get more points and kills. And if I am on the defending side I will let the enemy plant and destroy at least one bomb site so we can play a little bit longer also.

It may not be what and how you are intended on playing HC Demo but it works and there is extra time added. Besides who really plays for wins? Everyone plays for kills and few deaths, unless your KDR is under 1.0 then I bet you go for the wins.

But it’s that simple maximize the time limit when ever possible and use low killstreaks when you can’t get solid kills. HC Demo has the same spawns as HC CTF, your entire team can be in the enemy spawn (base) and you will never overrun their spawn. So spawn killing is awesome on HC Demo, and Attack Dogs tear it up!

It is important regardless what game you are playing to have a “Heli Down Class” use Ghost Pro and Strela’s (Stingers). My heli down class has Ghost Pro, Slide of Hand Pro, Hacker Pro, Commando w/suppressor, and of course Strela’s/Stingers.

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