Call of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Team Death Match (Hints and Tips), Hardcore Search and Destroy (Hints and Tips)

Call of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Team Death Match (Hints and Tips), Hardcore Search and Destroy (Hints and Tips)

Hardcore Team Death Match: HC TDM is all about using low killstreaks. You should use killstreaks such as UAV, Care Package and Napalm Strike. I actually prefer Marathon Pro on HC TDM since you and your teammates can easily overrun the enemy spawn. So you will need to run back and forth, all over the map chasing the red dots on the little UAV screen.

What I noticed that happens the most on HC TDM is that your teammates will try and run to the complete opposite side of the map where the enemy spawns at the start of the game. So if you try and sit back at the start point of the game before you know it the enemy will spawn all around you, so be ready. Try to set a goal on HC TDM to get 25 – 30 kills and try to have less than 10 deaths in one game match.

If you want you could use Hardline Pro and change your and or your teammates Care Packages. Example: If you or your teammate(s) are using Car Package other than Sentry Gun, Sam Turret or Valkarie Rockets you could change the Care Package with Hardline Pro. And when the Care Package lands and if it’s an Ammo, UAV, Counter-UAV or something like that you can change the Care Package randomly to something good. Just tap the square button twice on your and or your teammates Care package. And you could possibly get Attack Dogs, Gunship, Black Bird (SR71), Chopper Gunner, Attack Helicopter, etc.

Hardcore Search and Destroy: HC S&D is all about getting a kill or two before you get killed. I will use low killstreaks also such as RC-XD/UAV, Counter UAV/Care Package and Napalm Strike. If you are not using Hacker Pro that allows you to see and hack the Claymores, Sentry Guns, Sam Turrets, etc. You should use Marathon Pro or Ninja Pro, that way you can run to the enemy in a heads on type of way. If there is a UAV called out save your UAV for the next round or at least wait until the friendly UAV is gone. If you have a Counter-UAV wait until the enemy has called a UAV or wait until the beginning of the next round. If you are using Ghost Pro use something else other than Counter-UAV such as Care Package.

Do not call your Care Package in a round that has already started for some time, the enemy could hijack it from you. Wait until the start of the next round, win or lose the round before. If the enemy is using Ghost Pro and your UAV is not worth it use the RC-XD when you play again. You could change your killstreaks before the start of a new game. If you get a Napalm Strike you will have to wait like 10 seconds to call it, so make sure that you put it in the enemy spawn area away from your teammate. This is enough time to plant a Claymore or set down a Camera Spike or Jammer before your Care Package lands.

Note: You can move all equipment that you have set down, just pass by or stand over your equipment and pick them back up. You could also move your placed Sentry Guns and Sam Turrets. You can NOT move equipment or Sentry Guns and Sam Turrets that you have hacked with Hacker Pro. Equipment, Sentry Guns and Sam Turrets can be re-hacked.

Perks that work beast on Hardcore Team Death Match and Hardcore Search And Destroy: Ghost Pro, Flak Jacket Pro, Steady Aim Pro, Slide of Hand Pro, Hardline Pro, Marathon Pro, Ninja Pro and Hacker Pro.

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