Call Of Duty Black Ops: Hardcore Team Death Match Hints And Tips

Just for the record I do not like Hardcore Team Death Match (HC TDM) but giving that a lot of people play TDM. I decided to give my hints and tips regardless of the fact that I do not like to play Core TDM or HC TDM. Most people play on Core TDM but HC TDM is also a favorite to play for some reason.

The main reason I dislike Core or HC TDM is because of the “erratic spawns” if you and or your teammates invades the other side of the map, you will overrun the enemy spawn. Before you know it you will be shot or stabbed in the back, possibly even by the same person you just killed 2 seconds ago.

If you like to play games that have erratic spawns like Core or Hardcore Headquarters or even if you like Core or HC TDM, my question to you would be why? Well for whatever reason, I noticed that on HC TDM it is best if you use low killstreaks.

One of the first times I played HC TDM, I was using 7, 8 & 11 as my killstreaks. I was using Attack Helicopter, SR71(Blackbird) and Attack Dogs. My Attack Helicopter was on its way out and I had just called my SR71/Blackbird. So I was just 3 kills away from my Attack Dogs. Right when I got my Attack Dogs the game match ended. I didn’t even get a chance to call my Attack Dogs out.

I did get the “clutch kill” or last kill of the game and it was my 11th kill without dying, my Attack Dogs. The game ended at 7500 (75 total team kills) instead of 10000 (100 total team kills) like on Modern Warfare 2. Wow that’s cheap only 75 total kills on HC TDM! Think about it if three people out of the six (6 vs 6) get 25 kills each the game will be over.

I used to think that 100 total kills on TDM was not enough, then COD Black Ops went in the wrong direction and went down instead of up in total kills. You get 100 points for every kill you or your team gets that’s why 75 kills equal 7500. And 100 kills equal 10000 like back in the day on MW2.

The killstreaks that I would use if I played HC TDM regularly would be 3, 4 & 5 or 4, 5 & 6 or 5, 6 & 7 and even possibly something like 3, 7 & 8. UAV, Care Package and Napalm Strike. Or Care Package/Counter-UAV, Napalm Strike and Sentry Gun. Or Napalm Strike, Sentry Gun and Attack Helicopter. Even possibly something like UAV, Attack Helicopter and SR71(Blackbird).

If you are using Sentry Gun as a killstreak be sure and place it in a high traffic area or in a corner somewhere. Also plant your claymore near your Sentry Gun or before you get to your Sentry Gun to protect your Sentry Gun.

Also note that Sentry Guns work great as “bait” most players using Ghost Pro and Hacker Pro will try and destroy or hack your Sentry Gun. So post up somewhere near your Sentry Gun and stay there and protect it until your Sentry Gun leaves or gets destroyed.

If you are using Napalm Strike be sure and wait until you or your team has called out a UAV. That way you can minimize those friendly kills that could possibly get you kicked from the game match. If you are using Counter-UAV wait until the enemy calls out a UAV or SR71/Blackbird first. Unless of course the game match is about to end due to the time limit or score limit, then just call it out.

Hardline Pro is also great for HC TDM, that way you only need 2 kills to get your first killstreak if you were using UAV as a killstreak. Hacker Pro works great because you can hack all of the enemy’s equipment. Since Scavenger Pro does not give you another Claymore you can use Hacker Pro to hack other players claymore for more claymores.

In other words my Scavenger Pro is using Hacker Pro to hack claymores and replacing my Secondary weapon with a weapon off the ground from a downed enemy or teammate. Every time I get a chance I will pick up another weapon for my secondary weapon, especially when I am using high killstreaks such as 7, 9 & 11. Because most of the time I will run out of ammo with my Primary weapon and then I will have to find another weapon near by.

It is best to be ready and have two weapons full of ammo and ready to go. The reason I do this is because I don’t like to use anything other than Ghost Pro. Sometimes I will use Hardline Pro but I prefer it when I don’t. I hate to give my position away on the UAV screen. So all of my Primary weapons have a suppressor, even when I use Warlord Pro. One of the two attachments on my Primary weapon will be a suppressor.

So don’t expect to get 40 or 50 kills a game when playing HC TDM. Expect 20 – 30 kills the most on a good game. Use low killstreaks, use killstreaks that will help the team like UAV and Counter-UAV. But that is pretty much it, happy hunting.

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