Call of Duty Black Ops Hints and Tips Part 2

Call of Duty Black Ops Hints and Tips Part 2.

I am a Hardcore Player on Call of Duty Black Ops. So most of these hints and tips will be on Hardcore gameplay. I have noticed more people are starting to use the Blackbird or SR71 kill streak. It is a nice kill streak to use especially when you are playing vs. a team or group of players using Ghost Pro.

The SR71 will allow you to see the enemy regardless if they are using Ghost Pro. And you will also see what direction the enemy or player is facing in the form of a red triangle.
The Blackbird kill streak will last just as long as a UAV or Counter-UAV. So when it is called out and if the enemy does get to me, I will change into my Flak Jacket Pro class since I will pop up on the enemy UAV screen when a Blackbird is called out anyways.

That way I can survive those RC-XD, Semtex, Frag Grenades, Claymores, China Lake, Rifle Grenades and those launchers such as the RPG’s. After a while I will change back to my Ghost Pro class, the Flak Jacket Pro is to keep the enemy from blowing me up after I respawn during a enemy Blackbird.

You may be asking what kill streaks should I use against a team of SR71 players? When the game match is over I will change my kill streaks to 4, 7 & 8. I will use Counter-UAV, Attack Helicopter and Blackbird/SR71. That’s right I will use the Blackbird right back at them. On HC CTF I will wait or save my SR71 until I here the enemy call their SR71 out that way our team can see their team also. Unless of course the enemy is getting killed over and over, I’ll just call it out right when I have earned it.

If the enemy on the previous game only called a Blackbird once or twice, I will still use the Blackbird but with higher kill streaks such as 7, 8 & 11 or 8, 9 & 11. My kill streaks will be Attack Helicopter, Blackbird and Attack Dogs/Gunship (7, 8 & 11). Or Blackbird, Chopper Gunner and Attack Dogs/Gunship.

But my favorite kill streaks are still the three choppers 7, 9 & 11. Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship on the open maps like Jungle. But on those maps with lots of cover like on Summit I will use 7, 8 & 11. Attack Helicopter, Blackbird and Attack Dogs. Be sure to call your Attack Dogs after your Attack Helicopter has left or after it has been blown up.

Also the Jammer is great against the enemy Blackbird, I will use Jammers with my Flak Jacket Pro class. All of my classes have Claymores except my “Blackbird Class” I will use the Jammer. The Camera Spike is overrated do not use it, use Claymores or Jammers instead.

If you or your teammate(s) have a friendly SR71 or Blackbird called out, you will not be able to call your blackbird until the Blackbird is gone. When our team is invading the enemy spawn, mainly due to the help of the Blackbird. I will change into my Marathon Pro and Hardline class. That way I can try to get another SR71 right away with 7 kills. But if I only get 6 kills oh well I’ll take an Attack Helicopter, unlike on Modern Warfare 2 the Attack Helicopter will get you kills lots of kills. On MW2 I was happy if I got one kill with one Attack Helicopter (wanted Attack Helicopter gold title), but on COD Black Ops I have had up to 14 kills with one Attack Helicopter. But on average the Attack Helicopter will get me about 7 kills when it is not blow up.

On HC CTF I’ve noticed there are “flag runners” and most will use Marathon Pro so they can run the flags back. But I will see that the Claymores are slowing them down, since most people will almost always put a claymore on the flag. These flag runners normally do not care about their KDR, they will be happy going 15 – 45 as long as they win?

The problem is that when you are using Marathon Pro you can barely see the Claymores. So use Flak Jacket Pro, Steady Aim Pro And Marathon Pro if you are a flag runner. Yes you may be a red dot on the enemy UAV screen but it is better than giving free kills away running into Claymores all game long.

Use low kill streaks that way you can keep running around with your Flak Jacket Pro. Use (3, 4 & 5), UAV, Counter-UAV and Napalm Strike. That way you can Counter them when they call a UAV out. If the enemy team keeps getting killed use slight higher kill streaks such as (4, 6 & 7), Counter-UAV, Sentry Gun and Attack Helicopter.

When you can always try to make the game matches last, never cap the last or 3rd flag on HC CTF especially when there is a lot of time to play. Each round is 10 minutes so cap the last flag when there is less than a minute left. That way you can maximize your kills and points.

I also love to play Zombies and I have a few Zombies hints and tips for Kino Der Toten and DOA. Visit Video Games.

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