Call Of Duty Black Ops: How Can I Get My Perks Pro Faster?

Call Of Duty Black Ops: How Can I Get My Perks Pro Faster?

Well I only have the 5 gun slots that are available to you when you begin the on-line multiplayer gameplay. I do not want to prestige for more gun slots or for a different prestige emblem or icon. If you prestige at least 10 times out of the possible 15 times you can unlock the “gold camo” for your weapons.

But if you are not going to rank up or prestige for that matter here are a few hints and tips that you can do to get your perks “Pro” faster. What I will do for example if I am trying to get my Ghost perk “Pro”. I will set all of my gun slots with the Ghost Perk on all of my gun slots.

That way when I am getting kills and points, I will be maximizing my chances of completing the required challenges needed to unlock and purchase the “Pro” for my perk.

Same goes for all of the other perks, wether it’s the Warlord perk or the Scavenger perk. If for example if I need a multi kill (at least a double kill) with a frag grenade to unlock one of the challenges required to finish Warlord to then purchase the “Pro” and make it Warlord Pro.

I will put Scavenger and Warlord on all of my five gun slots that way I can throw a lot of frags out, it will also help my Scavenger perk challenges at the same time.

The hardest perks that took the longest to get Pro were the Flak Jacket and the Tactical Mask perks. The hardest part for the Flack Jacket perk was the “throw back 5 enemy Frags” challenge the main reason was because I noticed most players use the Semtex grenade or the Tomahawk over the Frag grenades. The Semtex grenade is preferred because it blows up fast so you don’t have to “cook” it like a Frag grenade.

When I did have some of those Frag grenades thrown at me my natural instinct was to move or run away from it even though I was using Flak Jacket and could survive through those explosions.

The Tactical Mask perk was also hard to finish because I kept running into Claymores. Every now and then you will see players use the Camera Spike and Jammers mainly to get some of those perks Pro. But I would say roughly 80% of the players are using the Claymores for their equipment.

And since the Tactical Mask perk is used on the perk slot where I normally would use the Hacker perk, the claymores kept slowing me down (kept killing me). When you use Hacker the enemy planted equipment will glow bright red.

It may not sound like much hints and tips to get perks Pro but it is the fastest way to go about it. Unless of course if you are part of those cheaters who rank up faster with those challenge lobby’s. Keep in mind this method works for all of the perks, Steady Aim, Slide of Hand, Etc.

If you are working on your Ghost perk one of the challenges is to blow up some enemy aircraft such as UAV’s, Counter-UAv’s, Attack Helicopters, Chopper Gunners and or the Gunships. Be sure and put the rocket launchers such as the Strela’s(Stingers) on all of your gun slots as your secondary weapon.

I actually went and played on Core TDM because most players playing on TDM use UAV’s, and I will blow all of the UAV’s and Counter-UAV‘s to finish one of the challenges needed to complete the Ghost perk to make it Ghost Pro.

Ghost Pro is important because you will not light up as a red square when the enemy player is in the “Chopper view” or in the “Gunship view”. And the Attack Helicopters will not shoot at you either.

When you don’t have Ghost Pro and you are trying to lock your rocket launcher on the Attack Helicopter to blow it up, the Attack Helicopter will shoot you and kill you before you can lock your rocket launcher on it.

I remember when I didn’t have Ghost Pro the Attack Helicopters kept killing me over and over. But now I laugh at those Attack Helicopters because most of my gun slots have the Ghost Pro perk and the Attack Helicopter doesn’t “see” me when I’m using Ghost Pro.

But to sum it up, use all of the gun slots available to you and put the perk that you are working on to make Pro on those gun slots. Before you know it, you will be playing in a game and then you will see that you have unlocked or finished a certain challenge required for those perks to make them Pro.

Same goes if you need Frag kills, then be sure and put the Frag grenade on all of your gun slots. Or if you need some kills when using Jammer, be sure and put the Jammer equipment on your available gun slots and so on. That is pretty much it.

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