Call Of Duty Black Ops; New Update: Hardcore Flags and Hardcore Bombs

Call Of Duty Black Ops; New Update: Hardcore Flags and Hardcore Bombs.

Wow! The first thing that I noticed was that there was no longer a Hardcore Capture The Flag section. HC CTF is now under the Flags section on Hardcore mode and it was slimmed down to 5 minute rounds from the 10 minute rounds that it was on before the new update.

I’m mad, because now it is going to be impossible to get those 100 plus kills a game when playing HC CTF from now on! Just two days ago I went 113 kills and 10 deaths on Jungle, and not once did I think that COD Black Ops was going to have an update that would change the way we play HC CTF.

Now instead of a maximum of 30 minutes on HC CTF through 3 rounds, it is going to be a maximum of 15 minutes. Assuming you didn’t cap the 3rd or last flag every round and played the full 5 minutes every rounds including the OT round. On average now the HC CTF games will probably last less than 10 minutes per game.

Who complained or even thought of having the rounds cut in half of HC CTF? My question to you would be simple, why? Well it is what it is. Flags is also made up of a random mixture of Hardcore Headquarters (HC HQ) and Hardcore Domination (HC Dom) along side with the HC CTF.

HQ had its own section it was called Headquarters under Core or Hardcore. The new addition would be HC Dom. Before the update you could only play Core Dom. HQ (HC or Core) is over after a time limit of 15 minutes or if your team reaches the point limit of 250. Domination (HC or Core) is over after the team point limit of 200 is reached or if the time limit has elapsed.

Since the new update did away with the original settings on HC CTF, I guess my new goal would be to get 50 plus kills instead of my previous goal of 100 plus kills in one HC CTF game match. Giving that CTF was reduced in half. I was still using my usual kill streaks of 7, 9 & 11. Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship. On the cover maps (lots of buildings to hide from Helicopters) I will still be using 7, 8 & 11. Attack Helicopter, Blackbird/SR71 and Attack Dogs.

From what I noticed with the new update, people were only averaging about 20 kills after one game match on HC CTF. Before I used to notice that players would average around 40 kills in one match even before OT.

We may just have to start using lower kill streaks on the new games on Flags. I was thinking of using something along the lines of 5, 7 & 8 or 4, 6 & 7 as my kill streaks.
Napalm Strike, Attack Helicopter and Blackbird/SR71. Or Care Package, Sentry Gun and Attack Helicopter.

So basically Flags will contain either Hardcore Capture The Flag (5 min. rounds), Hardcore Headquarters and or Hardcore Domination. Since the new update I have played and disliked the reduced time on HC CTF, and also disliked the ban of Second Chane. Flags: Moshpit of Hardcore game modes that use flag based objectives. No Second Chance.

But I did get some solid kills on the HC Dom game that I played. I got around 40 or 45 kills, the Dom game ended fast because my teammates captured all the spawn points A, B and C. On Dom (HC or Core) it is best if you don’t cap all the spawn points, that way the game won’t end fast and so that you can give the enemy a spawn point.

The new update on COD Black Ops also included changes on Hardcore mode and added the Bombs section. Bombs: Moshpit of Hardcore games modes that use bomb based objectives, no Second Chance. Bombs will have a random mixture of Hardcore Sabotage (HC Sab), Hardcore Demolition (HC Demo) and Hardcore Search and Destroy (HC S&D).

So make sure that you pay attention to what game you are about to play, if you are on Bombs and you are about to play HC S&D, change you kill streaks before the game starts when you are in the lobby waiting. Use 3, 4 & 5 kill streaks. UAV, Care Package/Counter-UAV and Napalm Strike.

IF you are playing Bombs and you are playing HC Demo or HC Sab you should use slight higher kill streaks, since these style games can be played for a little longer. Use something around the lines of 5, 7 & 8. Napalm Strike, Attack Helicopter and Blackbird/SR71. Or maybe even higher kill streaks such as 6, 7 & 9. Sentry Gun, Attack Helicopter and Chopper Gunner.

Even though HC Demo and HC Sab are intended to last a little longer I have seen these games end fast also. So my favorite kill streaks of 7, 9 & 11 will be harder to earn. Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship/Attack Dogs.

Even back when I played Modern Warfare 2, I didn’t ever play those Moshpit style game modes, but I did play a lot of Core Dom. I remember thinking back then before Black Ops was even out, why don’t they have a HC Dom? Be careful what you wish for.

Now that Black Ops has HC Dom, I wish it wasn’t in the Moshpit game modes, I wish it had its own section like HC CTF was before. The more changes that COD Black Ops makes the more I want Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) to come out! Can’t wait, the release date in the US is scheduled to November 8, 2011. That way most kids will have this game by Christmas.

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