Call Of Duty Black Ops: Re-Updated; CTF Has Been Moved Back To 10 Minute Rounds

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Re-Updated; CTF Has Been Moved Back To 10 Minute Rounds.

That didn’t take long, Capture The Flag has been re-updated. Now the rounds are back to normal, at 10 maximum minutes a round. So there is a possibility that you can play those maximum 30 minutes game matches on HC CTF or Core CTF for that matter once agin. I am referring to those 100 plus kill games again, yes!

Do you want to get 100 plus kills a game on Hardcore when playing COD Black Ops? Make the game last, play OT when you can and use killstreaks that will not easily kick you when playing on HC. Use 7, 8 & 11 or play careful and use 7, 9 & 11. Attack Helicopter, SR71 (Blackbird) and Attack Dogs. Or carefully use Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship.

There must have been more gamers outraged just as I was for those few days. This “test run” of 5 minute rounds that CTF was on for a few days almost made people quit playing COD Black Ops, at least for awhile. I have friends on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 that were playing other games other than Black Ops. Just because they are Hardcore mode gamers, that were used to playing those 10 minute CTF rounds.

Most of them are playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2. So they can prepare for the new games Battlefield Bad Company 3 (BFBC3) and Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) which are coming out soon. MW3 is coming out 11/8/11 and I’m not sure when BFBC3 is coming out. Others went on to play those FIFA games and some went back to dynasty mode on NCAA 11 since football is right around the corner. My younger brother went back to Sid Meyer’s Civilization Revolution.

Some of my on-line friends still haven’t noticed that Black Ops CTF has gone back to its original game play settings excluding the use of Second Chance Pro. Even though HC CTF can be played for as long as before, HC CTF can only be found under the moshpit on Hardcore Flags. Why didn’t they just take HC CTF back out of that moshpit and make it its own section under Hardcore Capture The Flag like it was before?

If you go under the Core settings you will see that there are 13 sub-category’s such as Core CTF, TDM, etc. If you go under the Hardcore settings you will see that there are only 5 sub-category’s; FFA (Free For All), Bombs, Flags, TDM and Search & Destroy. Why doesn’t Hardcore have just as much or near as many sub-category’s as Core mode?

Both of my consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360 have plenty of memory to handle extra game play memory such as 8 more sub-category’s for Hardcore. I am not saying it is not fair, but what I am saying is why aren’t Core and Hardcore the same? And I’m not talking about health damage or health wise. Yes on Core you have extra health damage protection and Hardcore is well, Hardcore. I’m referring to the amount of sub-category’s available should have been the same for Core and HC.

“Core is a different monster” it will make grown men cry. I had my surround system up on loud from usual and I actually went to Core mode for a few days since HC let me down when they messed with HC CTF. I was playing Core Nuketown 24/7 and it was crazy. Well, my volume was up and I didn’t mute everyone at the lobby like I normally do and noticed that everyone was “crying”. Crying is the rated G version of saying that they were complaining.

You can actually see how many players are playing in a single game match. And last I saw it said something like 150,675/304,243 players playing on Core Nuketown 24/7. Wow, that’s a lot of people playing one map over and over.

The map Nuketown is fun to play because it is the smallest map and it can be chaotic, similar to the map Rust on Modern Warfare 2 or the map Dome from World at War. These kind of maps are tight, no elbow room or space with lots of action. If Hardcore mode had the Nuketown 24/7 option it would be epic.

Attack Dogs will do some damage on Nuketown, yes one person or player can sit there and kill all of your Attack Dogs when your Attack Dogs are coming into the map in a single file line. But there are more times that the Attack Dogs will escape and get to run around and do what they do best.

Back on Call of Duty World at War your Attack Dogs would last for an entire minute if every single last Attack Dog wasn’t killed off first before the minute ran out. I wonder how long the Attack Dogs last on Call of Duty Black Ops? Perhaps it is also a minute, but I am not certain, I will time it next time.

Hardcore Domination is ok, but it is under the HC Flags section, moshpit style. I had an awesome Multi kill of 6 players, the entire enemy team that was on Villa HC Dom, the entire enemy was on A, because my team capped all the spawn points. So all the entire enemy team jumped on A so they could cap it faster, and I came around the corner with my AUG Bar. One clip and I mowed all of them down, I had the rifle grenade on my AUG Bar but I didn’t fire it because I knew there were 2 or 3 enemy players that were using the Flak Jacket Pro perk.

I was using my “noob tube” gun class, which is made up of lots of explosives. I use the AUG Bar with with rifle grenades, the China Lake sometimes the RPG’s, Semtex or Frag Grenade, Concussion Grenades, Claymore, with Ghost Pro, Slide of Hand Pro and Hacker Pro. Right after I reloaded my clip I turned around and boom, there were another 4 or 5 players that just instantly re-spawned and I ran through them, before I knew it I had my three choppers in a matter of seconds. I actually had to call my Gunship first, then I called my Chopper Gunner and finally my Attack Helicopter.

You can stack as many killstreaks as you want, I do it all the time, but most of the times I do it on accident. Since I’m busy killing the enemy as they try to run blindly to the objective. So in other words you do not have to call the killstreak that you get right away. At times when I am using 7, 8 & 11 (Attack Helicopter, SR71 and Attack Dogs), I will already have my Attack Helicopter and when I earn my Blackbird with 1 more kill, I’ll call my SR71 so I can get my final 3 kills needed for my Attack Dogs with ease.

After I get my Attack Dogs I’ll call them out, and I will wait after my Attack Dogs are killed off or after they have left before I call my Attack Helicopter. Unless of course the time limit is about to end the game I’ll call all of my killstreaks right away. I don’t call an Attack Helicopter and Attack Dogs at the same time that way my Attack Helicopter and Attack Dogs won’t be fighting for kills. I am always trying to find ways to maximize my kills and minimize my deaths.

The reason I chose the AUG Bar for my tube class instead of say the Galil, Famas or Commando. Was because when you have the rifle grenade loaded on the AUG Bar you can actually see. Other assault rifles will be blocking a big portion on the right side of your screen, when the rifle grenade is loaded. And some assault rifles take longer than others to load each individual rifle grenade. I prefer the faster loading rifle grenade assault rifles with a good or more of a view when loaded.

If you are playing against a team of Flak Jacket Pro players say 2 or more of them. Be sure not to load your rifle grenade first after you respawn. Because you will run into the Flak Jacket Pro players first since they will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. If you do you will fire your rifle grenade at them and they will just laugh at you and shoot you down.

You can not kill a Flak Jacket Pro player with your explosives such as your rifle grenades. Even if you hit the same Flack Jacket Pro player with 2 rifle grenades, 2 China Lakes, 2 concussion grenades, a frag or missed semtex after he/she walked through your claymore. Throw a tomahawk at him/her or stick him/her with your Semtex, or shoot them with your primary or secondary weapon.

Flak Jacket Pro is wicked crazy, I have been on Chopper Gunners and on Gunships and I have noticed that Flak Jacket Pro is like being on Painkiller on Modern Warfare 2. Remember how those players on Painkiller would run through your Chopper Gunner bullets on MW2? That is how Flak Jacket Pro works on HC on COD Black Ops, works as if you were on Painkiller every time the helicopters are shooting you if you are using Flak Jacket Pro.

I have had about 4 or 5 “hit markers” on the same Flak Jacket Pro player on HC with the Chopper Gunner and Gunship and he/she still survived. I kept telling myself, really? I under stand how Flak Jacket Pro can help you survive those explosives like RPG’s and RC-XD’s and the Flamethrower attachments but to survive through the big guns of a Helicopter, seriously?

Off subject why won’t they make Domination a little more fun? The Domination game settings should be changed for the better, the time limit needs to be about 20 minutes and or the point limit should be 400 points. Yea, that would be beast, it would give Domination a chance to play with momentum like Call of Duty World at War Hardcore War.

Anyways I do not want to sound like I am complaining, even though I am. I just want to say thank you for putting CTF back to those 10 minute rounds.

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