Call Of Duty Black Ops: Why I’m Going To Retire Black Ops!

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Why I’m Going To Retire Black Ops!

I’m about to bench Call of Duty Black Ops for Modern Warfare 2, NCAA11 or Battlefield Bad Company 2. At least until Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield Bad Company 3 comes out. MW3 is scheduled to come out November 8, 2011 and I am not sure when BFBC3 is coming out. I am sick and tired of having to try and vote for a Hardcore Capture The Flag match. You can only play HC CTF through the new category Flags on Hardcore mode.

When I do get a chance to vote for and play HC CTF, rookie teammates will cap the last or 3rd flag in the round. The rounds will then end with me stacked with my killstreaks ready to use. It doesn’t last anywhere near the possible 10 minute maximum allowed time limit when you are playing with rookies. People listen clearly, do NOT cap the last flag on Core CTF or Hardcore CTF if your team has air support or ground support out!

If your teammate just called out his/her Attack Helicopter, Blackbird(SR71),Chopper Gunner, Gunship and or his/her Attack Dogs, wait! Wait until there is less than a minute for the round to end or at least wait until your team has used up all of its killstreaks. Time and time and again, I have been holding onto a Chopper Gunner and Gunship just praying that teammates don’t cap any more flags. Just because my Attack Helicopter or some other friendly Helicopter is out taking up the air space.

Since my favorite killstreaks to use are 7, 9 & 11 (Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner and Gunship). I have learned a little secret, it is best to wait before you call your Attack Helicopter out. It is best to earn your 11 kills before you start using your killstreaks that way you can call out your Gunship, then your Chopper Gunner and finally call out your Attack Helicopter last.

I will do this because lots of times I will earn 4 more kills real quick soon after I call my Attack Helicopter out. And I will be waiting and waiting for my Attack Helicopter to leave or get blown up. I don’t mind using the Attack Helicopter it will get you some solid kills, but I would rather operate the Chopper Gunner or fly around in the Gunship. It is more fun to get kills that way, when you have control.

For example if I’m on say, 7 or 8 kills with my Attack Helicopter ready to be called and I get killed, I’ll call out my Attack Helicopter after I respawn. Same goes if I’m sitting on 9 or 10 kills with an Attack Helicopter and Chopper Gunner ready to be called, I’ll wait and see if I can get 1 or 2 more kills before I die to get my Gunship. If I do get killed, I’ll call my Chopper Gunner then my Attack Helicopter after I respawn.

But I prefer to call my Gunship first then the other two helicopters afterwards. I used to play or hold down a lane until I was killed even after my 11 kills. Sometimes I would have near 20 kills without dying with my 3 choppers ready to be called. Never again! I was trying to set my “most kills without dying” kill streak. My best kill streak was at 25 kills without dying (was on Jungle HC CTF) now it is at 32 kills (went 55-0 on Jungle HC CTF in the 1st round). I won’t do that anymore (wait to be killed legit my the enemy with my 3 killstreaks) because I was holding on to 3 choppers and my rookie teammates capped all the flags and it was the second round on HC CTF. I completely forgot that our team had won the first round and I din’t get to call out any of my choppers.

So even though I prefer to wait until I have earned 11 kills without dying when using 7, 9 & 11 as my killstreaks. I won’t wait or delay my three choppers, I’ll run off and get killed or sometimes I’ll kill myself with my own Frag, Semtex or Claymore. That way when I respawn I can call out my killstreaks or choppers away from “my spot” on a certain map.

The main reason I want to kill myself after 11 kills is so that when I respawn and I’m done calling out my Gunship, Chopper Gunner and Attack Helicopter. I can run back into position or into the enemy spawn with my killstreaks reset. That’s right, reset where you have to earn your killstreaks again. That way by the time I get 11 more kills I will have earned another 3 choppers.

Retired or hints you may be asking. Yes I have retired Black Ops, I’m here posting this article instead of playing Call of Duty Black Ops. And besides I wouldn’t mind reading up on a few hints and tips every now and then. I started to post this article on why I’m going to retire it, but I went off subject and went with extra hints and tips. My main reason to retire this game was because HC CTF doesn’t have it’s own category on Hardcore anymore as it was before when you bought this game new. My second reason was because when I do get a chance to play HC CTF, I will get put on the team with the most rookies and or most inexperienced CTF players.

I hate HC Flags because it offers Headquarters, I didn’t even play HQ on Call of Duty World at War or Modern Warfare 2 what makes Black Ops assume I want to play a game that has no designated spawns. HQ equals erratic respawning same goes for TDM, another reason I hate TDM (Core or HC) is the erratic spawns.

If there was some good that came from the HC Flags was that Hardcore Domination was added, HC Dom is more fun than HC HQ and HC TDM for that matter. The spawns on Dom will be near your capped flags (A, B and or C) unless you are being dominated you will respawn everywhere. Now if HC Dom had its own category like HC TDM, it would be awesome. I would play HC CTF and when I felt like changing it up I would then choose to go and play HC Dom.

Instead I have to vote for HC CTF if and when there is a HC CTF match available to be voted for on HC Flags. Anyways my Black Ops copy is going to stay retired until I stop crying or unless Call of Duty Black Ops re-updates the Hardcore gameplay and adds as many category’s as on Core.

I wouldn’t mind a Nuketown 24/7 on Hardcore, you?

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