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Parole and Truth-in-Sentencing Paper

Parole and Truth-in-Sentencing Jesse W. Ratliff Jr. CJS/200 June 10, 2012 William Patton Parole and Truth-in-Sentencing In the United States criminal justice system offenders convicted of serious crimes often receive imprisonment as the sentence for punishment. After serving a length of time in prison these inmates may find themselves eligible for parole. Parole is a […]

My Paper Titled Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System Jesse W Ratliff Jr. CJS/200 29APR2012 William Patton Criminal Justice System Criminal justice is a vital system in the American society. The three-fold components of the criminal justice system are law enforcement, courts, and corrections. The process of criminal justice is dependent upon the three-fold structure of the American government and society […]

My Paper Titled Law Enforcement Today

Law Enforcement Today Jesse W Ratliff Jr. CJS/200 May 13, 2012 William Patton Law Enforcement Today Policing today‚Äôs American society has become more than just capturing the criminals. The daily tasks of law enforcement on local, state, tribal, and federal levels are challenging for the agencies. Law enforcement today must cope with issues, maintain and […]