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The Pathophysiology of COPD

The pathophysiology of COPD: COPD is a complex medical syndrome including mucociliary dysfunction, airway inflammation and consequent airway structural changes.¬†COPD is usually characterized by chronic inflammation of the lung tissue, pulmonary blood vessels, and airways as a result of excessive exposure to inhaled irritants including cigarette and tobacco smoke. For a more basic understanding of […]

Migraine Triggers

View our list of migraine triggers to learn what may be causing your migraines. Many migraine triggers on the list below may be surprising to you. Alcohol Citrus Fruits Dehydration Artificial Sweeteners like Sweet N Low Eyestrain Food additives such as MSG or nitrates Certain lunch meats that have been cured with food additives Bright […]

Who Should Know CPR

Who should know CPR? CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation which is an emergency procedure for reviving the heart or lung function. I think people should learn CPR because there are a lot of people that may need help during the summer especially. Younger people should know how to help if someone falls on the ground […]

How can I avoid getting the flu?

How can I avoid getting the flu? That question is asked by many of use every flu season. Preventative steps can be taken to help avoid an influenza infection. A seasonal influenza vaccine is available that can prevent many types of influenza. Avoiding being close to people who are sick can reduce the chance of […]