CAT’S PAW Boots Are Durable And Affordable

CAT’S PAW Boots Are Durable And Affordable.

If you would like to own a good pair of boots, look no further than at the Cat’s Paw boot selection. My younger brother had just recently purchased a set of Cat’s Paw boots and was wearing them at a family party. I could not help but admire the way the boots looked, they looked like they were expensive and made from some type of reptile leather. They are burnt orange on the back part that raps around your heal area and it faded into a darker orange almost turning dark brown near the tip of the boot. Pretty looking, these boots are defently what you want to take to Church on Sunday’s. If you don’t go to Church well then take them wherever else you take your Sunday’s best, I mean where ever you go dressed up. Like to your own birthday party, on a special event, holiday perhaps, or maybe you just like to wear good boots everyday?

Most people would not want to use these style ”dress boots” for work, just because they would not want to skiff them up. Unless you are my younger brother and wear any style or any kind of boots to work or anywhere for that matter and only replace them after the bottom/souls have wore out on them. After mile’s and mile’s on them from everyday walking. After a second glance at the pair of boots you think, wow, those are some nice cowboy boots.

If you visit the website you can check out different colors of repitle leather, different styles, differnt prices on the Cat’s Paw boots. Besides the beautiful leathers and nice boots I noticed that the prices on these boots were cheaper or more affordable than I speculated. I have seen prices on boots throughout my life and I have seen them in the high hundreds and even thousands of dollars, wow. I’m sure there are boots worth way more than thousands, but I stopped looking after they reached the thousands. The Cat’s Paw boots were around the two hundred dollar range on average, some were less and some may have been a little more? But when I first looked at them I was thinking near the $400-$600 range, but I was way off.

These Cat’s Paw boots have a unique style of stitching where it is sown all around the top of the leather on the boot, the area past your ankle’s that cover your chins. They make a cool pattern/design to make every set of boots unique. Of course this is the part of the boot that is covered by your jeans but when you have them put up or have them off of you, you admire them. They are not plain or boring is what I’m trying to say. The Cat’s Paw boots also have the leather loops on the top of the boots for helping your foot slip into the boot. Some boots will have hole’s cut out at the top, this just to help you slip into your boots. Just hold the boot leather loops or holes and pull while you are slipping your foot into the boot. These Cat’s Paw boots are also made from some thick leather to help maximize the life of the boot.

You may ask durable, yes I can tell they have been sown onto the souls intead of being glued and the heels have some kind of hard rubber to make them last longer I’m sure. Before I knew what brand or stlye my younger brother’s boots were, I was thinking what size are those boots? If I have to I will Cinderella my feet into them! I plan on ordering myself a new pair of boots and you better believe they are going to be a set of Cat’s Paw boots.

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