CHESS: You Can Play Different Games In A Chess Match. Try This One Out.

CHESS: You Can Play Different Games In A Chess Match. Try This One Out.

I look back and laugh. When I first started playing Chess I wasn’t and we weren’t moving the pieces in the right direction and after a while I learned and we learned how the pieces were to be moved properly. We played Checkers before I was introduced to Chess, you can just imagine.

Then came, the game, I played against my brother. We kind of played it out on accident until the end and found out it was fun. We played the next few games the same way, it was fun because we were changing it up.

The way that you move the Chess pieces were not altered or tampered with, we simply played a different way about it. Normally you’re on the attacking edge or being aggressive trying to take away all of his/her pieces away. While at the end trying to put him/her on check mate.

The thing is we would move our pieces forward and all around ’without’ actually taking the first piece. When you play this game also move the King and Queen pieces, all of the pieces forward and to the sides until “one you has to take an opponents piece“. When there is no more moves that you can do without having to take a piece. Sounds kind of weird but it is fun watching your pieces advancing forward like a little army of Chess soldiers.

Though it’s fun of course we didn’t have a time limit or so many moves allowed or anything like that. But after that first piece was taken, it was WAR! It was on, taking pieces left and right, going for that King, check mate.

I grew up in a big family so games like the card game of Solitare for example wasn’t a family favorite. Although I liked to play it, we played lots of card games, board games, video games, you name it. And we also played Chess the right way and in a different way. As long as you’re having fun it’s all that matters, right?

There are books that you can buy to help you be a better Chess player. But it is not going to show you how to have fun while playing Chess. I would say yes play to win but also play to play. We change up games all the time so we can make it more fun.

But when it comes down to playing some straight up Chess, I’m down, I’m ready. Best out of three?

Change it up, it’s not going to hurt to experiment with different games. The next time you play a Chess match try something new. Try playing this game this way, you may just like it.

Do you know a different game or different style of play, when playing a Chess match, that you would like to share? Please feel free to post an article.

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