Coby Kyros Internet Tablet Review

The Coby Kyros Internet Tablet is a wifi touchscreen device from Coby. The Kyros uses the Android operating system, similar to smartphones. The iPad has taken the electronics world by storm, but what about those who can’t afford to spend $500? There are alternative to the iPad, and one of the best on the market today is the Coby Kyros Internet Tablet. The tablet runs the Andoid operating system much like a smartphone. The difference of course is that the Kyros is not a phone, but a tablet.

The Kyros features a large 7″ screen that would be too bulky for a smartphone and too small for a traditional laptop. There is no keyboard as the Kyros uses a touchscreen for user interaction. The Android operating system allows you to grab apps from the marketplace just like you can on a phone.

The tablet uses wifi for internet connectivity and does not support 3G like some models of the iPad. The unit sells for under $250 currently, and is a great alternative to the iPad.

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