College Football Needs A Playoff System

College Football Needs A Playoff System.

When are we going to see the NCAA/College Football change into a playoff system? When the t.v. contracts are over? The people in charge of keeping the BCS alive, whoever it may be(not sure who it is) they will try to convince you that the BCS is better than it was before. I am not disagreeing with them on this part, before the BCS it was crazy naming a National Champion. What I am saying is that the current system could be a playoff system just like all the high school’s throughout the nation, or like in the pro’s. Did you read this last sentence, even the pro’s (NBA, NFL, etc.) have to play through a playoff system to declare a true champ.

‘‘BCS lovers” will also try to tell you that a playoff system will make it harder on the student/athlete? Since there would be a chance of the student/athlete playing in a few more games(assuming you made the playoff’s through the regular season then winning all the playoff games until you played in a National Title Game). Um, how many games are there in College Baseball? Or what about College Basketball? I don’t know the exact number of games played for College Basketball or College Baseball, but I’m sure it is more games than in College Football.

Seriously how many more teams would need to go undefeated in the current BCS system until we see a playoff system? Auburn, Boise State, TCU, to name a few off the top of my head. Even Auburn from an AQ division(SEC) didn’t make it, much less Boise State or TCU from a non-AQ division. The BCS scheduled Boise State and TCU to play vs each other, that way only one of these teams would be undefeated instead of both of them. I’m sure they didn’t think that the BCS system helped them at all. If anything the BCS is what kept them from playing in a National Championship Game. The BCS after all is what decides who gets to go to the National Championship, the BCS will pretty much say, “Yes you are undefeated throughout the regular season, but you played against weaker teams”. I can read between the lines.

If there was a playoff system, you would not hear people complain about how come our team is undefeated and we didn’t even get a chance? With the current system(BCS) you could have up to seven teams undefeated in one year! Wow that would be crazy, the BCS would get slapped around by five teams. Since two of these teams would probably face each other for the National Championship. With a playoff system, undefeated teams could only stay undefeated if they kept winning the playoff games. Only two teams could be undefeated, assuming they won out to the final round after an undefeated season. Then after the final game/Championship Game only one of these teams would be the true undefeated National Champ.

BCS lovers will also say that the fans will not see the regular season games because they would only want to see the playoff games? Not true, there are only 10-14 games played in a regular season in College Football, unlike the 100 games played in Baseball or the 50 games played in Basketball. If the BCS did it’s own research they would see that fans are starting to care for the National Championship Game only, with this current BCS system. Don’t believe me, just go look at the last few years t.v. rating and you will see the ratings dropping(viewers) on the big games other than the Championship Game. If it was a playoff game, everyone that wants to see a National Champion would see it, because they would want to see who made it first! With the BCS system you would know months ahead of time, who was going to play for the National Championship. With a playoff system you would not know for months ahead of time.

Don’t even let me get started on the money that gets distributed throughout the teams who make the big games(big money) with the current system. Is it fair to the other smaller non-AQ school’s? Or do they need to play against all these big time paid AQ teams and go undefeated to be ranked #2 in the country and maybe play for a National Championship? To put it into perspective, just do a little research and you will see that the BCS system is not favored at all. If I had a poll in here and it said would you want College Football to keep up with the rest of the world and install a playoff system, yes or no? Yes would win. How could it not?

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  1. I agree. I vote playoffs.

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