Conspiracy Theories & Government Cover-Ups

The thought of a government cover-up crosses the minds of some people nearly as often as the media broadcasts breaking news. Why are conspiracy theories so popular? Who are the people which make up the conspiracy theorists population? From U.F.O’s and aliens to the attacks on America on September 11, 2001, theories race across the internet and through people’s minds to try to prove the government is hiding information from us. With Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and a multitude of local broadcasters spreading information (and some would say, spinning that information to fit their ‘beliefs’), It’s hard for ordinary people like us to absorb and process all the information. Alien and UFO sightings have been the target of conspiracy theorists for many decades, the most popular being the Roswell, New Mexico event of 1947. Many conspiracy theorists would argue that anyone not believing there really was a ufo crash which was recovered by the United States military should ask themselves how they think it took over a hundred years to get a bi-plane to fly 120 feet in the air yet only 40 years later the jet engines were racing around the atmosphere at 30000 feet?

Watched any footage from the 9-11-01 attacks? Ever wonder why more video wasn’t released from the Pentagon to show a Boeing 747 flying at least towards the government facility during the general time period of the supposed crash into the fortress? The only video released by the Pentagon actually raises more questions than it provides answers. What about the World Trade Center buildings? Do you find it odd that the reports indicate “special maintenance” during the 2 weeks prior to the attacks? What about the nature which the skyscrapers came down? It sure looked like a planned demolition in the videos most of us watched. The fact that the U.S. government had / has ties to the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia doesn’t help their defense, does it? Back to the Pentagon for a moment… What kind of plane was that again? You know, the one they say hit the building. I do not recall ever seeing wreckage of any plane at the Pentagon during all that rescue and recovery. I will say this. The video shows a “flying object” closing in on the structure. It looks a lot more like a cruise missile than an airliner though. That’s one opinion.

Talking with some people earlier and heard another “theory”. What if the military, ordered by President Bush or not, shot down that flight before it attacked the Pentagon? What if, after doing that, it was decided that the citizens would be outraged at that notion, so there was a missile fired at the Pentagon to simulate the airplane crashed into the building? Now the government is the victim, not the suspect, right?

These are just points to ponder. There’s a reason the term is conspiracy theory. It’s all just “theories”.

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