DayZ Standalone Alpha game review for PC

The new DayZ Standalone game looks great. The visuals look awesome but it is still in the Alpha stage. Soon after a Beta then hopefully the real deal.
From the limited game footage on that I have seen, you need to feed and quench your player all game long. Scavenge buildings or homes for food, drinks, weapons, gear, etc.
I read somewhere that DayZ had plenty of people interested in the Alpha where a rumored one million copy’s downloaded at around $30 each. Not bad for an Alpha in the first month of sales.
What would you rather be a Hero or a Bandit? Some gamers will help you and some will help themselves. This game will take many real hours to accomplish anything, or at least it seems that way. Many gamers will like the customization with your player with a variety of finds throughout the game.
Let us not forget the Zombies those are always fun to kill. If you want to see what this PC game is about visit and search DayZ Standalone gameplay videos. If you like the free roaming games while trying to survive while facing Zombies, Hero’s who will share their loot, or Bandits who will steal your loot this is the game for you. With up to 40 players per server! See you on the battlefield.
Remember there will be bugs and things that will need to be patched or updated, so the game will only improve as this game continues to expand its fan base. And hopefully one day we will be playing DayZ on a game console such as the new Xbox One or on its rival console the new PS4 for those millions of gamers in the game console community.

Where can I download this DayZ Standalone game? You can download it via Steam.

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