Deer Antlers: What Can I Do With Some Shed Deer Antlers? Lots Of Things.

Deer Antlers: What Can I Do With Some Shed Deer Antlers? Lots Of Things.

Over the past few years I have seen different things made with white tail deer antlers. Some were for sale others were homemade by friends and family all around. I have seen those nice stuffed trophy’s hanging on the walls but sometimes you go hunting, sight seeing or arrow head hunting and stumble upon some nice deer antlers.

Many hunters and trappers will quickly use the antlers for a rattle call, as a hunting tool. They will simply bang and smash the deer antlers against each other as to imitate a buck or male deer fighting trying to fight for newer breeding rights and newer feeding grounds.

The big strong buck will run up to defend his girlfriends and or his feeding plots and the hunter will be there waiting to give the deer a loud surprise. A real high percentage of anglers or deer hunters eat deer meat, it’s good. Deer jerky, smoked, now that’s some good stuff!

But some will just get the shed antlers and keep them for other reasons. I have seen people put them in those tanks for their spiders, snakes and lizards. People have different insects, reptiles and different creatures for pets than one would expect.

The deer antlers will be placed in there with the spiders and or snakes. Instead of walking or slithering on real or fake tree branches they were crawling and making webs all over the antlers, it looked awesome. You might want to spice up the terrain for your pets?

I have seen people drill through the deer antlers and insert some of those metal candle holders and had candles placed on them. It looked easy and cheap to make, the antler was on the table on its tips. He made a few of them, every single one was unique in its own respect, he had three candles evenly spaced out per deer antler.

It also looked pretty cool sitting there on the bar area and next to the sofa under the lamp. He also had some displayed on his coffee table next to the hunting and fishing magazines to read in the morning while you enjoying a cup. I kept looking at them like, that’s easy to make.
In this small hunting town of Junction from Kimble County in Texas, I saw an entire Christmas tree made of shed deer antlers and it was on main street. The tree was made up of antlers found in ranches near by. During the Holidays they will wrap the Christmas lights around the tree and it looks magnificent lit up.

But if you’re not looking into making something that extreme you could make something like a chandelier, drawer handles, ceiling fans displaying some nice antlers going all around the light fixture, etc. I have seen some in hunting lodges it was nice and it went well with the game trophy’s hanging on the walls. You might want to check into more of those kind of things, look through hunting magazines and you might see something you like that you could make.

So its not just a random deer antler or set of antlers that you found, it’s something unique because every singe buck has its own antler pattern or horn growth.

Heck even my youngest brother cut some antlers and bored them out down near the base and made some nice knife handles, just for show of course. He thinks he’s a Native American Indian from before the time of the Oregon Trail or railroad. He can make string and rope from different plants I don’t know how he does it.

He even tries to smash flint stones around trying to make arrow heads and spear points. He is creative he will even attempt to make his own spears, bow and arrows, bow string, etc he is a character.

I mean the possibilities are endless, you have probably already thought of some of your own things to do, as you were reading along. Do that have fun and be creative, what you create could even make for a nice gift?

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