Did you pre-order your Mass Effect 3 game? You may be one of many who will not get the game on the release date.

Mass Effect 3 is coming out on March 6th, 2012 and rumors have it that so many people ordered the video game. Some of the video game pre-salesmen were told that they would receive so many game copy’s and at the end they are to be given less copy’s that they pre-sold.

My brother brought this information to me yesterday. So I figured that I would share my Intel. So if you have enough time and you pre-ordered a ME3 copy then check with the people that sold it to you. If you ordered it from Amazon check with them. If you went through Game Stop, check with them.

Ask them if you are going to be one of the unfortunate few who pre-ordered the game and will not get one on the release date. I’m sure if you pre-ordered the game Mass Effect 3 and you don’t get it on the release date, you might have to wait in line at the store like everyone else who didn’t pre-order a copy.

Are you going to be playing Mass Effect 3 on March 6th? My younger brother sure hopes so.

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