Do You Want To Get Shot!? Said The Police Officer.

I’m thinking to myself is this guy for real? I wasn’t even driving, I was riding “shot-gun” in my brothers dually truck. We were just leaving town on our way to a small town near our home town. We were on our way to pick someone up, it was about 11:30p.m. – 12:00a.m.

On our way there, we were roughly half way there, it’s only about a 10 minute drive, is where we seen the police officer who eventually pulled us over. On our way there on the right hand side of the road, it was a two lane road both ways, from a distance we could see the flashing lights from the back side of the police car.

My first impression was “poor guy/gal” whomever it is, they are probably getting a ticket? Before we passed the police car up, we seen a car do a u-turn and head back towards town, the way that we were coming from.

At first I thought that must have been the car or vehicle that was stopped or pulled over, but nope, it was another police officer, because it was a police car. But we were driving on, going to pick the person we were going to pick up.

Well the speed limit is 60mph night or day, my younger brother was driving around 60mph, then my brother put his signal light on toward his left, on his way to the left lane, away from the police officer then my brother slowed down to 55mph while he changed lanes and we drove past the officer.

As we passed I noticed or rather we noticed that there wasn’t anyone in front of the police officer, he didn’t have anybody pulled over? If he did, they must have already left or perhaps the officer had his lights on to slow down the traffic?

Regardless, we passed him and we drove on back at 60mph, about 4 or 5 minutes/miles later, my brother asked is that a police car behind us? I wasn’t paying attention, I said, no. I was wrong, we then saw the lights come on, so we pulled over at the store.

Before the officer came up, I was already looking for the insurance card, it was in the glove box. I found it and pulled it out before the officer came up to the driver side window. I placed it on the center console as to have it ready for when the officer would ask for it.

But, even before the officer walked up, my brother asked me, what did I do wrong? I said I don’t know? I guess we will have to wait and see what the officer says?

Well the first thing the officer said or rather screamed, Are you drunk!? You could have ran me over! I’m thinking to myself was this the officer who had his lights on a few miles back? I guess so.

My brother said, no sir, I’m not drunk. The the officer screamed at us some more, he shouts, do you know the law? Do you know what the law is when you see an officer with his lights on!? My brothers answer was, no, for some reason. You can tell it threw the officer off a little bit, he was about to shout something else.

The the officer said with a sarcastic remark, oh you don’t know the law, let me tell you the law! The law is, you need to slow down 20mph! And change lanes! My brother with a low voice reply’s, I did slow down to 55mph and I did chance lanes, I even put my signal light on and when I passed you, I went back to 60mph, sir.

The officer didn’t even ask for the registration he then said to the both of us, I need to see some identification. We didn’t hesitate, we both reached in our wallets and handed him our drivers license. I guess he wanted to see if he had any priors or warrants out?

Before he walked back to his car to run or rather check our ID’s he asked, is there anything in your vehicle that I should know about? Drugs, weapons, anything? We both almost at the same time said, no sir. He didn’t believe us, I guess?

He tells my brother who was driving, step out of the vehicle, before I could say anything he says, you too, referring to me. So I was stepping out, with my cell phone in one hand and my wallet in my other. My wallet was out from when I pulled my DL out. I put my wallet back in my back pocket and was about to put my cell phone in my shirt pocket. When the officer shouts at me again, he said, come back here to the back of the truck, then he shouts some more, leave that there! Referring my cell phone? So I didn’t even put it in my shirt I quickly threw it through the truck window and it landed on the seat.

Not even 2 seconds later, the officer shouts again, I said come to the back of the truck! So there I go walking to the back of the truck, before I even made it to the back of the truck. The police officer changes his mind and shouts, put your hands on the truck! So I wisely put my right hand on the side of the truck bed, and I wiped the sweat off my forehead with my left hand.

The officer got real mad, he shouts again, put your hands on the truck! I’m thinking to myself, I’m doing what you asked of me, then I realize maybe he means literally “both hands” on the truck? I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed the truck bed with “both of my hands”. Then that’s when it came, DO YOU WANT TO GET SHOT!! You do as I say!

The officer was even reaching with his right hand, towards his pistol, like we were about to have a shoot-off like on the old cowboy western movies. Except the fact that I was unarmed.

I wanted to tell him #### NO I don’t want to get shot? But I didn’t want him to get more mad, so I kept my mouth shut. He was already all fired up from only God knows what?

Then the officer went and ran our drivers license, he had someone he was training or a partner? Not sure, the person didn’t get off. Anyways the other police officer was running our DL, and the mad officer decided to check our vehicle out? He did a “search of the vehicle” he didn’t even ask if he could, but he had the loaded pistol, so I wasn’t going to tell him, no you can’t search our vehicle. Regardless if he had asked, we would have told him, sure search it if you want, just don’t mind the mess.

The officer walks back with what looked like a Rambo knife, my youngest brother owns many knifes, he collects them. The officer comes back and shouts some more, I thought I asked you if you had any weapons!? And then he searched on the passenger side where I was at, and sure enough finds another one of my brothers knifes.

By that time another officer drove up for back up? The mad officer puts the two knifes on the hood of his cop car, like he made a big discovery. He started taking pictures of them and asked us again are you sure I’m not going to find anymore weapons?

I told him, if you consider that a weapon? If you look closer you will probably find more blades, there are more smaller knifes, pocket knifes, maybe a machete or two, a chain saw, some fishing hooks, etc. It’s our work truck, so you might find some saw blades, there is no telling what you may find in there sir.

Well the funny part, or actually it wasn’t funny, but he tells the officer who pulls up, he had this knife near him, ready to stab someone, talking about my brother. Then he points at me and said, I searched the passenger side and found this knife “hidden” next to him. The officer probably found the knife in the back seat or under the seat, there is no telling, there are lots of knifes in the truck.

So now I’m think, this is the end. If this officer doesn’t shot me! I’m going to jail, we are going to jail! The officer in the police car hands the mad officer our DL back and surely tells him we didn’t have any priors or warrants pending.

Good thing that kind of cooled him down, he must have been expecting we had a bad rap? But though I feared for my life for those few minutes, my heart rate was pumping, I was thinking to myself, really? I’m going to possibly get shot for a simple traffic violation? Maybe if I was armed attempting to rob a bank, them I could see myself possibly getting shot at?

But thank God, the officer “counted to ten”, not sure what he did, he tells us get back in your truck. The both of us, did just that, he hands us our DL back and says, I’m going to let the both of you go. He says with a more calm voice, I could be taking the both of you to jail, but since I don’t “know you” (guess if would have known us, pulled us over before?) I’m going to give you a verbal warning, talking to my brother who was in the driver seat but telling us both.

So to sum it up, do NOT make a mad officer madder, do EXACTLY what he/she says, after all they are the ones with the loaded weapons. Do you want to get shot?

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