Enough With The Negative Press On College Football Lets Talk Positive!

Enough With The Negative Press On College Football Lets Talk Positive!

College Football is all ready going down hill in terms of press coverage. It seems as if it started ever since USC/Reggie Bush and company with Pete C. Then it went to Jim T./Pryor/tOSU/and the ink, Tennesse and their troubles to Boise State tennis, UK was messing up, rumors of play for pay at Auburn w/ Cam Newton, to players leaving schools because they got suspended from their teams, etc, etc, the list goes on.

How about writing up articles on why fans still love college athletics, football in particular. Lets talk about team statistics, whether it be individual stats, possible records that could be broken, things of that nature. I know the negativity in College Football is out there since we don’t live in a perfect world and it will always be out there. But lets just not talk too much into those kinds of situations lets avoid them and move on to better things.

Lets us read up on why a team did bad or good, lets read up on why my Texas Longhorns team went 5 – 7 in 2010 or why Auburn went 14 – 0 and won a National Championship. Or even better lets talk about how and when we as a whole are going to improve or evolve the BCS into a playoff system. Playoff systems are great for declaring a true possible undefeated champion.

In fact playoffs are so great that even the professionals in almost every sport that you can think of uses a playoff system to declare a real champion. So I wouldn’t mind reading up on gossip every know and then but if it’s negative stuff, I don’t want to read it. I’m tired of reading articles after articles of just random negative things in College Football today.

How about writing up articles on the future recruits of certain schools, tell us about their accomplishments in high school, give us their back ground history, were they born in the US, things that are interesting. Give us dates, games information, pre-season chatter. Post season chatter, pre game chatter, post game chatter, anything positive will do.

Why can’t there be a website that has all the bad or negative press of College Football and the rest of the sports websites or magazines could write the negative articles there. Then if I as a fan could then choose to read up on bad press. Instead of being forced or rather tempted on clicking on a negative article.

By my calculations over half of the news regarding College Football weather it be teams, players, university’s, the NCAA or anything relating to College Football is negative. So lets start to be more positive, lets us start with the history of the university’s and things like that. History can always be taught, since after everyday is over you will have added another day to history.

I wouldn’t mind reading up about in depth draft status on players and NFL draft history, the draft is very popular t.v. rating wise. Remember think positive people, remind us every chance you can why we still love this game we call football. Since this game is considered Americas game, we will not get help from outside the US.

The negative press or rather the soon to be positive press coverage of College Football is covered mainly here in the US. So the next time you read up on articles and you get a chance to comment on the material. Request positive press coverage so that the writers can know that you want more positive material to read starting in 2011.

The more positive material that we write can influence the overall reputation of a fans point of view. Example, lets say I was born somewhere outside the US, my main sport would probably be soccer. And lets say I wanted to know more about the sport of football, if I was to start reading on College Football. I wouldn’t learn much other than scandals, CEO’s messing up at BCS bowl games, negative stuff, instead of the history of football, instead of the rules for football.

Tell me about the instant classics, tell us about the great hall of fame coach’s, tell us about the soon to be hall of fame coach’s. Just write positive articles on things that matter, all you have to do is think positive. Before you know it you will actually be teaching the fan a thing or two that possibly he/she didn’t know regarding the game of football.

So how about it people, wouldn’t you want to read on things that are important, than to read about things that will not matter is 6 months to a year? There are always new players since players go pro and graduate and things like that. So it’s not like you can cover all of the players and say ok we are done covering the players, no. Every year, is a different year in terms of personal and players, so this would be a never ending process trying to cover every athlete in college football. After all every person has a story.

In other words lets start a trend, lets demand more positive out of our writers, so we as a whole can be reminded why we love and play this game we call football. We play it because it is a great competitive and athletic game that involves team work and fundamentals. And we love football because we are a sports nation or rather a sports society.

Without sports, football in particular, I wouldn’t want to get up in the mornings, now I get up and all I read is negative articles. I want to get up and read up on the good stuff. I want to be able to understand football, I want to to able to be given a reason to love it. Assuming I wasn’t born in the US and didn’t know squat about football, I should read the articles on football and be able to understand it the more I read into it.

Rather than read the articles that are out today and be more confused about the game of football. If I wasn’t already a football fan and I started reading on all of the negativity in College Football today and in the recent years. I probably wouldn’t want to be a part of or learn more of a sport that doesn’t have anything positive coming out of it. Would You?

I know very little about this game of football, I want to learn more, please teach us something new everyday. Instead of giving us the names of the rule breakers, tell us more about the ones not breaking the rules.

Anyways I’m running out of material to say, I started to post this article with the intentions of motivating us the readers and writers. Demanding that we write and get a chance to read up on anything positive. I’m tired of the negative lets go positive! If you can’t think of anything positive tell us a little bit about the history. Give us facts, anything, who is with me on this?

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It is easy, if I can do it you can do it. I’m still finger pecking looking at my keyboard typing up these articles. I started writing articles on Web Content Village with the intentions of improving my typing skills. Practice baby! I’m getting a little faster, but I think it’s going to take me 1,000 articles or so before I get to memorize this keyboard but I have faith.

Writing articles can be fun and is fun when your are writing articles on material or things that you know. I just wish I could type as fast as my brain writes out sentences. Lots of times when I’m typing these articles so slow, I end up forgetting half of the things that I though of. But it’s ok I will remember by the next day or so all the things I forgot and I’ll just end up posting another article. Hey it works for me and it could work for you.

Think positive in College Football in 2011 and beyond start spreading positive material like a virus.

Warning: Positive material may make to your town, so be ready! 🙂

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