ERROR The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 server is not available at this time.

Please try again later or visit http:/ for updates OK. (X)Select (O)Back.

My PlayStation3 started giving me that error “server not available” today around 7a.m. August 15, 2014 and still can’t connect to the Black Ops 2 servers.

The worst part is I went to the official website at and they claim they aren’t doing any scheduled updates here in the United States or anywhere for that matter. They also said the game was working fine on all game consoles such as the Xbox360, PS3, etc.

I am using a wired connection and
I reset my router and all that, but my internet connection is not the issue since I can connect to the PlayStation servers and I can see my friends online as well and send and receive messages, pictures, etc.

I was hoping to find something on the COD Black Ops 2 forums but they are all old complaints of this same ERROR at different times in differnet places around the world such as in the U.K. just like here in the U.S.

I should be complaining about how every other game has split screen Boosters, cheaters of the game that make it annoying to play and enjoy the game. But not being able to connect to the black Ops 2 server may be more frustrating than finding cheaters and reporting them. Backing out of the lobby to find another one that players are trying to play and compete like it was intended to be played.

So I hope secretly that Call of Duty is trying to updated these servers to keep the cheaters at bay at least for now, but I’m sure that will cost money for “added improvement” so that may not come to be. Can you at least fix the connection issues? I want to play this awesome game before everyone moves on to the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

If anybody knows what is going on can you please leave a message or an link to a site that has the answer to these questions. Also what are the new reviews looking like for the new PS4? I just have one question regarding the new game console does it have Lag?

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