Facebook Android Connection Lost *Solved*

If you are getting the dreaded facebook android connection lost tap to retry error message on your android phone, read on to solve this annoying issue. I only use facebook on my android smartphone, so it was getting really irritating when every so often I would get an error message about the connection being lost, when everything else worked fine.  Here are some ways to solve this issue.

Common Solution (try this first) –  The first and quickest thing to try is to logout of the facebook application. Click the menu button and choose logout. It will take a minute or so to remove the cahced data from your phone. Once it is finished, just login to the app again, and see if the error issue has been solved.

If the first solution doesn’t solve your issue, you will want to completely uninstall the facebook application, restart your phone, and then reinstall the facebook application . This will take a few minutes, but is the second most common way to solve the connection issue.

If you are still getting the facebook android connection lost error message, you might try making sure you have the latest version of the facebook application installed. If you installed the application from the Google Play store, you should already have it, but it’s worth a check.

Please note, the first solution is what solved the facebook android connection lost issue for me and many others.

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