Fishing Bait Used In Fresh Water

Fishing Bait Used In Fresh Water.

What bait is used for fresh water fishing? How can I catch live bait? And is live bait better than cut bait? Well it depends on what kind of fresh water fish you are trying to catch. There are many variety’s of fish found in the fresh waters of North America. There are different kinds of Catfish; Flat Head (Yellow Cat), Blue Cat, Channel Cat and Mud Cat(normal found in muddy creeks, not ideal for eating and it’s gray colored, with a yellow colored belly with no spots). There are also a good variety of Bass; Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, White Bass, Guadalupe Bass (Yellow Bass), Hybrid Bass and bigger fish like Stripers.

You have to also include the other fish in the waters like the Carp’s, Buffalo’s, Drums (Gaspers), Needle Nose Gars, Alligator Gars, Crappie‘s, Perch and all of the bait fish. In the northern parts of North America you can find other kinds of fish like Trout, Pike’s, Salmon, Stergen, and more. But none the less the ideal bait that you want to use for fresh water fishing you can get from the lakes, creeks or rivers where you will be fishing.

There are different methods of catching bait from the fresh waters of a river, lake or creek. You can use a cast net, a sane, a minnow trap, a perch trap or even use a dip net. There are many variety’s of minnows that are perfect fishing bait used for fresh water fish found throughout North America. If you just want to purchase some bait, some town’s and city’s will have a bait store where you can buy: Floaters, fishing line, fishing rods (fishing poles), fishing reels, hooks, sinkers, lures, minnow buckets, much more fishing memorabilia, frozen bait and live bait.

Try some live bait with a minnow or a perch on the top of the water with a floater and hook for the striking fish like the Bass and Stripers. If you are trying to get fish that stick to the bottom like Catfish, Carp’s or Buffalo’s try cut bait or stink bait with a hook and sinker. There are lots of baits you can catch or find in fresh water such as shiners, crawfish, muscle’s, shad, dot-tail minnows, glass minnows, different kinds of perch, etc. Personally I do not mind using live bait or cut bait both work fine. It depends more on what kind of fish I’m trying to catch.

Other baits that works well in fresh water are grass hoppers, crickets, soap, bread, chesse, stink bait, dough bait, worms, shrimp, chicken livers, beef liver, baby carp, gold fish, etc. Some fishing anglers will even make their own bait and chum. The most commonly homemade bait will be stink bait and dough bait. There are many different kinds of chum that you can purchase or make at home to bring in the bait and fish into a good fishing hole. Just chum out the same area for a week or two before you go out fishing with your family or friends. The most common chum made is sour maze, just buy a bag of maze, pour into a bucket full of water and let it sit for days marinating in the sun.

If there are big fish in your area be sure to set the drag on your fishing reel (check it every time you go fishing). Be sure to have a strong fishing line and give the fish enough time to swim away with your bait and hook. Don’t just set the hook right away be patient. Hold your fishing rod and reel in your hands and when you feel a strong consistent tug, set the hook! If you set the hook early when the fish is “tasting” your bait you might accidently jerk the hook out of its mouth. Wait until the fish swallows the bait or swims off with a tight grip of your bait and hook secured in its mouth. Especially if you are fishing for big Alligator Gars, trophy Bass or monster Catfish.

Catch some bait, make some bait or buy some bait just be sure to follow all the fishing laws, bad limit and size set by your State and Wildlife Department. Happy fishing.

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