Going to be one of millions who will not watch the BCS National Championship game.

Going to be one of millions who will not watch the BCS National Championship game.

I would rather go to work or work on my homework than help “vote” for the rematch.

That’s right I am one of millions of college football fans west of the Mississippi River, I’m old enough to vote with my remote.

Vote with your remote, don’t influence the BCS with your “support”, if you do they will have won. If you dislike what this BCS, non-playoff system has to offer, then you are not alone.

Now on the contrary, if we had a regional selection (Big12 champ, Big10 champ, Big East champ, Pac12 champ, MWC champ, Conference USA champ, etc) to choose playoff contenders and LSU and Alabama were to meet up in a National Championship through wins in a playoff system, then by all means it would be a true Title.

Why do you think the Pro’s use a playoff system, that way they can get regional contenders, and that way the entire nation tunes in to the playoff and Title games. Oh yeah all high schools also use playoffs, just for the record.

And I don’t want people to start flooding my email with theorys of ‘people will not watch the regular season games’, that’s a lie. People will want to see if their team or teams get a chance to even make a playoff spot.

Which brings me to the next question, if Oklahoma State had a better defense would it be playing for a Title? Besides the better defense Bama only had the pretty loss. But on the flip side OSU had the offense.

In years past, the SEC teams would lobby for their team and boast, strength of schedule, who beat the teams with the most winning records, the overall body of work, etc. Well it appears this time the pro-SEC voters didn’t even consider that in the 2011 season.

OSU had all the right to play for a title, but Bama did also, Stanford wasn’t so bad nor was Oregon. Oh wait, those games don’t matter in this BCS era you need to be popular and get votes to be ranked number 1 or number 2 for a Title game.

Sorry OSU, Stanford, Oregon or anybody in the top 10 for that matter, you all are not Title worthy! Don’t believe me? Just ask the BCS voters.

Vote with your remote.

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