Got shifting problems? Why will my vehicle not go into gear? I press my clutch pedal down and it feels weak.

If you own a vehicle, car or truck with a standard or manual transmission and you have trouble shifting into gear. You may have some worn out seal in your hydraulic line in your clutch system.

If your clutch pedal when pressed feels weak or feels like it’s not doing its job, then you more likely have a worn out seal or damaged clutch line. Or you could be taking in air somewhere in your clutch line, check for damaged lines or for a loose connection on your clutch line under your plastic tank or at your master and slave cylinder connections.

Check and replace your CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER and your CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER, the master and slave cylinder will be located and attached to your clutch pedal. The rest, the plastic tank and clutch line will be under your hood and running all the way down to your transmission connected to your throw-out bearing.

Usually when you can shift into gear when your vehicle is in the off position or turned off, and when your vehicle is turned on and your clutch doesn’t work when you press it or feels weak. Weak with zero or no pressure then it will be one of the two or both of hydraulic cylinders giving you problems. Replace them if needed.

If you replaced the clutch master and the clutch slave and you still have problems and you are 100% sure that you bled the line (removed all the air in the clutch line) and that you replaced the oil rubber seals with the new ones then it may be a more expensive fix.

If that’s the case be sure and have your transmission removed to check the throw-out bearing, throw-out bearing lever. Be sure to double check the entire clutch system from top to bottom before you start thinking of removing the transmission.

What if it’s and old clutch system that is dirty and needs to be cleaned and changed? If your clutch line is dirty or has bad or contaminated brake fluid, you can use some brake cleaner (spray) and spray your clutch line out. Be sure to follow all of the bleeding directions when you replace your master and slave cylinder.

You can purchase most of your vehicles parts at your local automotive parts store. Such as AutoZone, NAPA, CarQuest, etc. Or you could also order cheap car parts from some online websites or you could even order them buy phone through a parts magazine.

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