Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is an exciting and symbolic time in a young person’s life. This time of the year marks the beginning of graduation season. I thought this was a perfect time to go over some great graduation gift ideals. When selecting a graduation gift, be sure to take into consideration the graduate’s future plans. Gifts do not need to be fancy or expensive. Gifts of need are the most useful and often less costly. Also, keep the graduate’s personality, interests, passions and hobbies in mind. As always, shop early, waiting until the last second often leaves you settling on a gift.

Cameras and video cameras make a great gift. Give these gifts to your graduate in the weeks prior to graduation so that the can capture the lat days of school and the whole graduation process. These will provide memories that last a lifetime, and a first person perspective that will always bring graduation time back to mind.

If the graduate you are purchasing a gift for is going off to college, look to get them College Spirit gifts. There are endless options of collegiate décor available. Think along the lines of decorating the dorm, or clothing.

Hope Chests are often great gifts for young ladies. They provide a special gift that is easily fit into dorm rooms or new apartments. They can bring a sense of home and are a great storage place for those special personal items new graduates take with them, that remind them of home. Suitcases and luggage also make great graduation gifts.

Commemorative coins including proof sets from the graduation year and Silver Eagles are good choices for students. They can always remember the year they graduated with an item that could appreciate in value. There are many options with coins out there. With the rise in precious metals as of late, these excellent graduation gifts could continue to gain value and of course are sure to always hold great sentimental value. Commemorative coin sets are also available.

Watches always make a great gift. They seem to hold a timeless value as a gift. What better way to always remember graduation, than with a beautiful watch that will last a lifetime and assured to become a hand down for generations to come. Jewelry is also a wonderful choice for graduation gifts. It holds the same sentimental value as a gift and can also appreciate in value depending on what it is made of.

Family vacations can be a wonderful graduation gift. Days together in a fun filled atmosphere can be a magical way to sit back and reflect on how fast your graduate grew up. There might not be a better graduation gift available, then family time before they go off to start their new life. Try to pick a destination that your family has always talked about but never went. Maybe you have a place your family has vacationed often, and you want to go one last time as a family before your graduate goes off. Cruises are also a great ideal fro graduation gifts. Cruises can be tailored to meet everyone’s desires and also provide a great family vacation with time together. If you are unable to do a family vacation, I am willing to bet most graduates would be happy to take a senior graduation trip with 1 or more of their friends. Be sure to search for graduation trips to get a great deal.

Laptops or Ipads also make wonderful gifts. These gifts can come in handy with almost all graduates, regardless of their future plans. Be sure to do your research and find out what each laptop or Ipad offers. Also keep in mind you are purchasing this gift for a graduate, so an extended warranty might not be a bad ideal. We all know young adults can sometimes be a tad rough on things.

Am I forgetting something? Oh! Yea! I think I did. Money! Money is the favorite gift of all graduates. If you do decide to give money, be sure to throw your concerns on what it is spent on out the window. While money can be wisely spent, lets face it; teenagers are just as likely to spend it unwisely! It is graduation though, they have worked hard to reach this point, and maybe spending some money on whatever they want isn’t such a bad option after all! Whatever you decide, be sure to hurry and get that perfect graduation gift, instead of waiting until it is too late!

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