Hacking the Coby Kyros Internet Tablet Part Two

Hacking the Kyros Internet Tablet makes it possible to run the Android Marketplace, as we discussed in How to Hack the Coby Kyros. In this article, we will get started with the actual process. You need to download the application Z4Root Kyros, which is a way to “root” the machine, or gain access to all the files and programs. Again, this will void the warranty and can brick the device, so proceed at your own risk. The app will allow you to do a lot of things, including delete files that are necessary for the device to work, so be careful!

Download the Z4Root Kyros application, and then copy the package file to the Coby Kyros using your computer via USB mode. Once the file is copied, open the AppsLib application and open the Z4Root Kyros file to install it to the Kyros. Once Z4Root has been installed, open the program itself to launch Z4Root. Press Permanent Root to make the required changes. Z4Root will reboot your Kyros when it is finished making the necessary changes.

The next step is to install the entire Google Marketplace on your Kyros. Download the file from the Internet from places like The Talk. Search Google for “Google Marketplace Experience” to find other downloads. After you have downloaded the files to your computer, transfer them to the Kyros in USB mode. Open the file on your Kyros to install the full marketplace.

Congratulations, you have hacked your Coby Kyros Internet Tablet to feature the full Google Android Marketplace.

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