Helping Find A Name For My New Born Child

Helping Find A Name For My New Born Child.

A few parents will know or plan for the future, and will go as far as naming their children that they will have in the near future before they are even married. But if not, you are ”lost” or not sure like everyone else, naming a new born child is not as easy as you think. Most of the time the mother and father will help in deciding what to name the son or the daughter. But in some family’s the grandparents will have lots of pull when it comes to naming your new born child. Or sometimes a new born will be named after a favorite aunt or uncle, possibly an important figure in history.

Regardless of what you name your new born child, it is important that you talk and let everyone know what the name is going to be. Be sure and talk to both sides of the family, your parents and your spouse’s partents. If you are not asking them for help with the name(s) be sure and let them know ahead of time. If not they will offer their insight on names for your new born child, names that you possibly would not consider.

Sometimes parents will like to name their new born child after an important person or place in history, some sports buff’s will even go to the extreme and name their new born after a professional athlete. Some parents will even name their new born child after a famous movie star or actor. There are baby name books that you can purchase that will have just about every name you can think of for his and hers.

A few parents will even go further in time and pick names of the mythological times and name their children after gods. If not the name could stay the same as your great-grandpa, grandpa, and your dad so you will be a junior, the second’ or the third’, etc.

Lots of people’s names will have a middle name, not all, but this is like the ”second best name” that you pick? Your child’s last name should always be the last name of the father. The only time that your new born child has the same last name as the mother, is when the mother doesn’t know who the father is, there should be no other exceptions.

When our child is born, you should have already figured out a good name that you will be comfortable with. After all it should be a question to think about while you wait 9 months or so for the delivery. Worst case scenario you can pay at the social security, birth certificate place and change your child’s name. Or if you are at least 18 years old, you can pay and have your name changed.

So look in books or ask the family for help if you need it. Finding the right or good name for your new born child might seem like a hard or tiresome task. So be patient and make sure that the name you pick is the name that you are going to be ready to say for years. If you are not good with name selecting, you might want to ask the doctors at the hospital if your new born child is going to be a girl or a boy. That way you at least will know where to start in finding a name for your new born, a boys name or a girls name.

Once you have chosen the first, middle and last name, be sure to know how to spell the name(s). This is important because some parents will choose to spell the name or names different that the commonly spelled way. Special Note: In a few cases a new born child’s name will be spelled however the name writer at the hospital spells it. So if you purposely spell the name different or the name is hard to spell, make sure that you write down the name(s) at the hospital, to prevent wrong or mispelled name(s) on the social security card and birth certificate.

P.S. Congratulations on your new born child 🙂

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