Hints And Tips for Call of Duty Black Ops

Hints And Tips for Call of Duty Black Ops.

Call of Duty Back Ops is a shooter game, so most of the hints and tips will be what perks and killstreaks to use, not so much which weapon(s) to use. I have a mere 1.61 KDR(kill/death ratio) and over 25,000 kills already, and i found a few hints/tips and strategy team game play along the way.

If you play on a “team” or with a group of friends online, you will be playing core or hardcore. If you play on core mode you can play with up to 18 players(Groundwar) in one game/match(9vs9). But the rest of the games on COD such as Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Free for All, Sabotage, Demolition and Domination will be a max of up to 12 players(6vs6). If you play on hardcore mode you can play some of the same games on core mode such as TDM, FFA , CTF and S&D with a max of 12 players(6vs6).

Core Mode: It is important know that your player and enemy player will have a much higher ‘‘health bar” or overall health. And you will need to provide more damage to kill your enemy. The fastest way to kill an enemy on core will be with a melee attack(knife). But if you are too far away to melee you can start by weakening your enemy with your equipment. Use your stun or flash bangs, they will cause a little damage, then finish them off with your primary weapon. On core especially it is important to “aim high” so you can get more headshots. You can kill the enemy faster with headshots, especially when sniping. Note: You will not be able to see the ‘‘health bar”. And your health will rejuvenate on core in a matter of a seconds, if you were not finished off(killed).

Hardcore Mode: On hardcore your ‘‘health bar’’ or overall health will be low. A direct impact from a cross bow tip, flash, stun or willie pete(smoke grenade) can kill you. Or a bullet or two from any primary or secondary weapon. Last Stand/Final Stand will work on hardcore, unless your player was shot in the head(headshot), or if you were melee attacked(knifed). If you put an enemy on final stand on hardcore, finish them off with a smoke, stun or flash bang. Or let them bleed out, the enemy will die off after while if he/she is not picked up by another teammate.

Killstreaks To Use On Core: If you want to run and gun, you want to use killstreaks that are not going to slow you down. Like UAV, Counter-UAV and Napalm Strike. Killstreaks such as Care Package, Sam Turret and Sentry Gun, will need to be waited on. A heli will have to come in and drop your package off(Box), if and when there is enough air space available. If you like to get more kills while running and gunning use higher killstreaks like Napalm, Motor Team/or Attack Heli and Rolling Thunder. But if you want the enemy to be crying use ‘’man perks“ like Attack Helicopter, Chopper Gunner/or Rolling Thunder and Gunship/or Attack Dogs.

Killstreaks To Use On Hardcore: There is less running and gunning on hardcore, since a bullet from long range can kill you(one shot, one kill). So you will need a different method, rather than trying to to do the ‘‘drop shot’’ or ‘’halo jump’’ like you see in core all the time. Use killstreaks that will help your teammates like UAV, Counter-UAV and Blackbird. If you are trying to get lots of kills try using killstreaks that will not get you kicked. You can only have 3 friendly kills before you get kicked from a hardcore match. Attack Helicopter, Blackbird and Attack Dogs are the best killstreaks to use if you want to minimize getting kicked while maximizing your kills. Other killstreaks that work great on HC are UAV, Sentry Gun and Attack Helicopter.

Perks: The best Perk in my opinion is the Steady Aim Pro, it is 3 perks in one; steady aim(while hip firing), quicker recovery after melee’s and faster ADS(zoom in) after sprinting. This is an excellent perk to use when running and gunning. The faster ADS will not work on sniper rifles unless you are using the G11(primary weapon) with a lower range power scope as a sniper rifle. The second best perk in my opinion would be Ghost Pro. With Ghost Pro you are hidden from UAV’s, Sentry Guns, Attach Helicopters, Chopper Gunners and the Gunships(u will not light up as a red box while the enemy is in the chopper view). Hacker Pro is also a great perk to use, you can see enemy equipment such as Claymore’s, C-4’s, Sentry Guns, Camera Spike’s, Jammer’s, Motion Sensors and even see Semtix/Frag Grenades.

Hints And Tips: In order to maximize your points get more kills. Make the games last, if you are playing Groundwar or Domination, only cap two flags and not all 3 flags. The game will last longer and you will give the enemy team a ‘‘spawn point’’. If you have all of the flags capped the enemy will spawn everywhere (erratic spawning) and the games will end faster. If you are playing Capture The Flag, only cap 2 flags per round and play the entire 10 minute round. You can win the round even with 1 flag captured, so please maximize your points and kills and do not end the round early. If you want wins go play Search and Destroy, the games end fast and you can get lots of wins per day compared to rest of games on Call of Duty Black Ops. It is important to have a ‘‘heli down class” use Ghost Pro, Slide of hand Pro, and Hacker/ or Ninja with your Strela’s(stingers) as your secondary weapon. The primary weapon doesn’t matter, but the rest of the perks do.

If you want those gold guns faster(prestige 10x out of 15), start telling your friends(blue guys) and randoms(green guys) to make the games last, to maximize your points(kills) especially if you like to prestige.


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  1. Update: My new KDR is 2.30, I have 48,000 plus kills. And my newest best kill streak is at 32 kills w/out dying. I went 55 – 0 on the map Jungle in the first round of HC CTF. When the second round started, the entire enemy team left the game. The game ended after a 20 second count down. I could have still extended my kill streak? My killstreaks were my favorite set up, 7, 9 & 11.

    Note: Kills that you get with your air support do not count towards your “best kill streak”, you can only set a ‘best kill streak’ with your equipment, primary and secondary weapons.

  2. UPDATE: My new KDR is 2.18 with 38,718 kills & 17,784 deaths, with my best kill streak at 25 kills. And all I did was follow my own Call of Duty hints and tips. I made the games last (Hardcore Capture The Flag), I used the three choppers as my killstreaks mainly (Attack Heli, Chopper Gunner & Gunship) and on maps with lots of buildings (cover from the Heli’s) I used Attack Heli, Blackbird/SR71 & Attack Dogs.

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