Hints And Tips For CoD Black Ops: Zombies Kino Der Toten

Hints And Tips For CoD Black Ops: Zombies Kino Der Toten.

Kino Der Toten: Zombies is a great game, the object is to last/survive to the highest round possible. The higher the round the higher you will move up in the leaderboards. The leaderboards will keep track of your highest round survived with the amount of time survived in that same round. It will also keep track of your points scored so fix windows and dont get ka-boom’s(nuke’s)/or insta-kill’s early so you can maximize your points. My highest round survived is 39rounds like for 40 seconds with 3 people, I was out of ammo and out of points for the turrets and electric fence’s.The Ray Gun upgraded took 4 shots per zombie, two bullets to make it a crawler and two bullets to kill it after it was a crawler.

When the game begins(round 1), pick a window and stay at that window until the first door is opened. Once you have picked a window to defend, let the zombies come in, and knife them. If you let them in they will drop ”power ups” like 2x(doouble points), and max ammo’s. After a few more rounds into the game it is very important that you purchase jugger nogg(increased health) for 2500 points. If you go down and loose your jugger, go and buy it again. The later/higher the rounds the harder it is to kill the zombies.

Before you start wasting all of your points on the box(random weapon box) buy jugger then start off with a weapon off the wall. If you go up stairs buy the mp40 for 1000 points, or if you go through the alley buy the ”baby ak”, the AK74u for 1500 points. Use this one of these weapons foe the first two dog waves(until round 10 or so) untill you get a $(fire sale). The fire sale power up is the best because the box will appear everywhere and will only cost 10 points a spin instead of 950 points, not bad. Even if you dont have 950 points toatal and a fire sale comes out you can still spin the box for 10 points. The reason to wait for a fire sale is so you can save your points for the later rounds when you will need you use the fence’s and turret’s. It will cost 1000 points to activate a fence for a few seconds and it will cost 1500 points to turn a turret on for a few seconds also.

Make sure that after the dog round that you wait until everyone reloads, especially the one with the cannon or the big machine guns. It doesn’t matter who gets the max ammo everyone will get max ammo, so wait and reload. Buy claymore’s for 1000 points and plant both of them every round, when you get a max ammo you will get two new claymore’s and at the start of every round. The upgraded ballistic knife needle’s will revive a downed teammate, just shoot them with a ballistic knife.
Do not waste your money on the turret for at least the first 20 rounds, instead go and buy Quick Revive for 1500 points. It will pick your downed teammate in 3 seconds instead of 6 seconds, it is worth it so at the end of the game you can have the most revives and the least downs. Save points and don’t upgraded a crappy weapon, like the Sniper Rifle or the China Lake, beacuse you will eventually want to trade it in for a better weapon. If you have Monkey’s use them when a teammate goes down, even if you are across the map so they or you can revive them. Also use your Monkey’s to get another max ammo’s especially in the later rounds(25plus). Be a team player, when you see someone down, go and do a ”search and rescue mission” or at least go help the team buy killing zombies near by.

Whatever you do do not leave the game, you may be the host and you could end the game for the other three players. This would not be cool, if you do back out do not be expecting a friend request.

Special Note: If you buy Quick Revive when you are playing solo, you will revive yourself if you go down even if you had Jugger Nog, cool huh?

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