Hints And Tips For Keeping Cool And Saving Money.

Hints And Tips For Keeping Cool And Saving Money.

When ever it’s possible to save money that’s always good. Here are a few things to consider in order to start saving money today. Even if it’s a summer to remember, it’s so hot, keeping cool is also a priority.

1.) Keep your thermostat at 78’ or higher. This will help with your energy bill and help the overall life of you’re A.C. as well.

2.) Use fans to help supplement air conditioning. A house fan or some ceiling fans will help control the temperature in your house, office or building when the A.C. is in use.

3.) Replace lights bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Commonly known as the energy save bulbs.

4.) Consider drying clothes using a clothesline. This will help your light bill and or your natural gas bill as well, depending on what kind of dryer you have. In this heat the clothes will be dried relatively fast and it’s energy efficient.

5.) Check all of your windows for frame gaps (holes). Seal those gaps with caulk. A sealed room will help maintain a constant cool temperature when the A.C. is on.

6.) It is important to check and fix all water leaks. Check and fix leaks in your toilet, water faucets (sink and in bathrooms, showers, etc.) and all water hoses.

7.) Install a low-flow showerhead that can save you up to two gallons per minute. That’s a lot of gallons that you can save each and every month all year long. Maybe even take shorter showers, that will also help. Also use less hot water, cool showers are great.

8.) Simple things like, don’t rinse dishes before loading the dishwasher. Every gallon of water saved counts.

9.) Install a low-flow toilet, which can use half as much water as older models.

10.) Make sure that you run full loads of laundry to maximize water use.

11.) It is also important to insulate hot water pipes.

12.) Use a soaker hose to water your foundation.

13.) You should also water your outdoor plants and lawn by hand to monitor water use.

14.) You can also shop for ENERGY STAR-rated appliances.

15.) I also suggest all homeowners should install at least 10 inches of blown insulation or use spray-on insulation in your attic.

Keep cool this scorching summer and save a little money. Do you have any hints and tips on energy savings and money savings that you would like to share? Feel free to post an article or comment.

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